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Offset has frequently said that he loves being a father, but recently shared that his pride has gone to the next level now that he discovered that his son has some musical talent.
The ex-Migos rapper stopped by The Jennifer Hudson Show on Friday (March 8) where he opened up about a number of personal topics. During the chat, he revealed that in addition to being active and present as a father, one of the most important things for him was to instill a strong work ethic into his children.
“That’s the main role,” he said, when asked by Hudson about being a father. “It’s my thoughts when I’m walking, and when I’m doing everything. I’m always thinking about it. Because I represent them, I don’t just represent me no more.”
He continued: “My father, I love him. Ain’t no hate towards him. But unfortunately, he couldn’t be there. So, I made sure — I gave a promise to myself, when I was a kid, before I even had kids, that no matter any circumstance, I’m always going to be there for my children, and it shows.”
He then revealed that his older son, Jordan, has shown some musical talent.
“He surprised me,” said the proud dad. “Like, last Christmas, he pulled out his computer. And Fruity Loops is a program, where you produce. And he’s like, ‘Daddy, can I play you a beat?’ So he plays me a beat, but then he makes it in front of me. And I’m like, ‘You 12 man, how you know how to do that?’ And he’s like, ‘I just been practicing.’ And it sounded good.”
Check out the full interview clip below.
Offset is the father to five children in total: Jordan Cephus, 14, and Kody Cephus, 9, and daughter Kalea Marie Cephus, 8, from previous relationships. He and his wife, Cardi B, also share two children: daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, 5, and son Wave Set Cephus, 2.
Back in December, Offset made headlines when he was accused of being the father to another child: Chrisean Malone, the baby that Chrisean Rock shares with rapper Blueface.
The “Thotiana” rapper has been making claims that Rock, whom he dated for three years, had sex with the Migos hitmaker and has now dialed up the war of words with his baby mother.
Taking to X (formerly Twitter) on December 21, Blueface wrote: “That baby looks nothing like me idk why she keep forcing this on me that’s not my child scientifically proven already.”
“Finna put a restraining order on her an the dam baby,” he added in a separate post. “Bitch drove to my house talm bout she not leaving till her ride get here this the typa bitch yall believe fr that don’t even make sense.”
Blueface also reposted footage of Chrisean turning up at his house and him making claims about the parentage of their child.
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March 1, 2024
“It looks nothing like me,” he said. “That Charles Barkley’s baby. That’s Offset’s baby. That’s K Suave’s baby. That’s the n-gga from down the street’s baby. Don’t nobody know who baby that is. Scientifically proven, that’s not my child.”
Offset quickly attempted to diffuse the situation and refuted Blueface’s claims.
“I ain’t never talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help,” Set replied.
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