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Taylor Swift is officially a billionaire. Am I surprised? No. Am I surprised it took this long? YES. This woman has been cashing checks for years, and is now finally being recognized as the first artist to make it to a BILLION based on music and performances alone. Haters will want to cut down this accomplishment, assuming she has a bunch of side projects that make her a billionaire like all of the other B’s in the music industry. WRONG. Taylor doesn’t even have so much as a “big brand deal” let alone a second source of income outside of her music. From where I’m sitting, this woman has proven that you can make a billion dollars on pure talent alone. 
This brings us back to the argument that people make about Taylor’s impact – what she says, who she backs, what brands she prefers to work with – all of it is kept relatively under wraps, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s being smart. The Power of Taylor is irrefutable, and all it takes is for Taylor to breathe the make it relevant. At this point, there isn’t a brand/cause in the world that wouldn’t benefit more from Taylor cosigning it, than vice versa. 
Things Taylor has made relevant through her songs and simply existing:
– Salt Air 
– Whiskey on Ice
– Cheap screw top Rose
– The woods 
– Romeo + Juliet 
– Summer time 
– Liquid eyeliner 
– Bangs 
I recognize that I’m a superfan, but an example of the power of Taylor in my every day life, is what she steps out of the house wearing. We are a similar build and I like the majority of her style, so the second the Fashion Sleuths figure out what brand of cashmere sweater she’s wearing to Nobu Malibu, I’m clicking BUY before the rest of the savages can sell out the item. I even bought her infamous Super Bowl bedazzled jeans as soon as I saw her wearing them (they were sold out 20 minutes later.) 
This brings me to my final question – could she ever have a brand deal again? How could they possibly pay her enough to reflect the sales they’ll get? Making this much money just by being yourself is the kind of power that changes businesses. She could employ an entire company for a decade with her influence. I just can’t foresee anything in the world that can match her value. 
Congratulations to the Ultimate Boss Bitch, you inspire us all everyday and I can’t wait to continue trying to keep up in your wake. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. 
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