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‘Marry My Husband’ boasts a star-studded cast including Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi-Kwang.
Lee Gi-Kwang portrays the role of ‘Baek Eun Ho,’ a charming chef.
Last Updated: 05.58 PM, Feb 02, 2024
The K-drama ‘Marry My Husband‘ has captivated fans worldwide with its gripping revenge plotline. The show’s global popularity has soared, initially debuting in sixth place in the worldwide TV show category and consistently climbing to the second spot in the global weekly rankings. Available on Amazon Prime Video for Indian viewers, the series boasts a star-studded cast including Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi-Kwang.
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In this article, we’ll focus on Lee Gi-Kwang, who portrays ‘Baek Eun Ho,’ a charming chef and former schoolmate of Kang Ji Won, the lead actress. For those who do not know, beyond his role in the drama, Lee Gi-Kwang is also a renowned K-pop idol. Let’s delve into his world and uncover more about his talents.

Who is Lee Gi Kwang?

Lee Gi-Kwang is a singer-songwriter, actor, and a member of the group ‘Highlight,’ formerly known as ‘Beast’. His journey to success was not without its challenges. 
Initially, Gi-Kwang underwent four years of training after passing JYP Entertainment’s test, only to be informed that he would not debut with the company.
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However, he did not give up and was approached by the former president of Cube Entertainment and was convinced to join without the need for an audition.
In April 2009, Gi-Kwang made his official debut on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ with the mini-album ‘First Episode: A New Hero,’ under the stage name AJ (Ace Junior). However, his choice of stage name, went on to spark online controversies among fans, as it was also the name of a member of the group ‘Paran.’

Life as a K-pop Idol:

In June 2009, AJ had the opportunity to open for Lady Gaga’s concert in Seoul, marking a significant milestone in his career. Later that year, in October, he joined the newly formed group ‘Beast’ now known as ‘Highlight’ alongside all his debut backup dancers, who were also trainees at the time.
Throughout his career, AJ appeared in numerous music videos, including K.Will’s ‘Present’ and Apink’s ‘I Don’t Know.’ Additionally, he ventured into hosting music shows like Inkigayo.
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Furthermore, AJ served as a DJ on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Music Plaza’ until April 16, 2023. He decided to step down from this role to concentrate on his upcoming solo album and other endeavours.

When did he make his acting debut?

Lee Gi-Kwang embarked on his acting journey in 2009 with MBC’s ‘High Kick Through the Roof,’ marking his debut. He then fulfilled his mandatory South Korean military service as a conscripted police officer from April 2019 until November 2020.
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Throughout his acting career, Lee Gi-Kwang has showcased his skills in various roles, including appearances in ‘Peak Time’ (2023) and ‘Lovely Horribly’ (2018), among others.
Currently, Lee Gi-Kwang is preparing for his next project, an action drama titled ‘I Kill You.’ The storyline revolves around a former promising taekwondo athlete who, after descending into a life of low-income work, becomes entangled in a drunken hit-and-run incident.
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