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June Baker, 36, from Boston, Massachusetts, US, looks so similar to Taylor Swift that she’s even turned her incredible likeness into a career as a Taylor Swift impersonator
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A Taylor Swift lookalike says she can't go anywhere without fans stopping her in the street because they think she's the singer. June Baker, 36, looks like the famous singer and even dresses in a similar manner.
She even works as a Swift lookalike – going to birthday parties, weddings, and photoshoots. She says she's been busier than ever, thanks to the singer's successful Eras tour.
June, who loves Swift's music, lives in Boston, Massachusetts, US, said: "I'm definitely a big Taylor Swift fan. I've only been to two shows, but I've collected lots of merchandise over the years CDs, T-shirts, clothes and collectibles like jewellery.
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"It's an honour to be compared to her who wouldn't want to look like Taylor? She's beautiful – it's such a compliment."
June is often mistaken for Swift when she's out and about. She's been called Taylor Swift's "Medieval Twin" by the fantasy community after an experience she had at a Medieval Faire in Knoxville, Tennessee, reports the Mirror.
She shared: "I was there visiting a good friend I met on TikTok. There was a whole group of us dressed up and we went to dinner after the fair ended, still in costume. A couple of girls came up to me a few minutes after we were seated and confessed one of them was convinced I was Taylor – perhaps after shooting a music video or something."
"She confessed she was tearing up and shaken at the idea I might be he. I've been getting it a lot in the last year or so because I think she's just been everywhere and so people are very quick to recognise. She's a huge superstar it's a whole new level of success. "
June says her favorite Taylor Swift tracks are Willow, Wonderland, and The Lake, while especially liking songs "where she touches on mystical, magical things and escapism".
June claims she's never tried to go out in public and trick people and tries to act with the utmost integrity as she knows how much Taylor cares about her relationship with her fans. She says people started to notice the resemblance between her and Taylor Swift on Instagram and TikTok – with viewers shocked at just how similar the pair looked.
She decided to make the most of their striking similarities by starting a business as a professional lookalike. She said: "I do have to be prepared at times to jump on a FaceTime with a potential client who wants to see me before they invest in me coming out there to do a birthday party or something like that.
"The things about Taylor I love, like the way she'll do her hair or make-up, are things I think any of us might emulate, you know, she's such an icon. But it's not been this huge transformation. I've had bangs on and off since I was little and I've always danced, done pageants and played around with hair and makeup. "
June started working as an impersonator after she was encouraged online by a Britney Spears impersonator, Allegra DuVal, 36. She then went to the Sunburst Convention in Orlando, Florida, US – a convention for celebrity lookalikes. She said: "I sang 'Look What You Made Me Do' in front of a bunch of agents.
"They asked for my business cards, and to keep in touch. I took a little break from it all, and around the time I went to see the Eras Tour Movie, I thought 'I should get back into this'. The agent called me that night and asked if I would work."
He said: 'I have so many requests coming through and I have nobody who is doing Taylor'. I've been doing a lot of meet and greets and photo ops. I'm also working with a vocal coach, to get more of a live tribute show going. "
June shared that she tries to balance her creativity with the Taylor lookalike work, stating: "No one's ever trying to replace the artists that they're emulating."
She further explained: "I think that's another place where some of the hate or some of the negativity comes from as people just don't understand. For me, it's a celebration of who Taylor Swift is.
"I'm very much trying to emulate Taylor as a pop icon and not her personally. Hopefully, it just makes somebody's event or day or wedding a little bit brighter and special."
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