Cardi B Tries Balut, a Fertilized Duck Egg Embryo and Spits It Out Immediately – XXLMAG.COM

Cardi B is trying balut for the first time on TikTok and her reaction is surprising.
On Wednesday (March 7), Bardi shared a video on her TikTok titled "Eat a Balut Egg With Me." In the video, which can be viewed below, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper is sitting behind a table with multiple large eggs sitting in a bowl in front of her. Balut is a duck egg embryo.
"I been seeing this for a long time, it's called balut," Cardi explains in the video. "I got it, let's try it and rate it from one to 10."
Before indulging, Cardi takes some Nexium and Pepto Bismol for her sensitive stomach. She also has a mixture of lemon, salt and pepper on deck to help with the taste. After cracking the top of the shell open, on her first attempt at pouring the contents in her mouth, she gags before she can get anything but liquid. She ends up having to completely break open the shell to get to the meaty contents.
"Oh my god, it's so thick and hard," she exclaims upon seeing the inside.
Cardi eventually tries a chunk and spits it out immediately.
"I don't like it," she says. "It literally taste to me like an uncooked chicken."
Cardi's B's tastebuds are mostly correct. Balut is a fertilized duck egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from inside the shell. The dish is custom in Southeast Asian, specifically the Philippines. The egg is incubated for a period of 14 to 21 days and then steamed. Most people eat it directly from the shell rather than removing the contents entirely and then indulging. Sometimes the features of duckling are recognizable depending on how long the egg has been incubated for.
Cardi is on the heels of releasing her latest song "Like What (Freestyle)." She also recently gave an update on her new album, which she says is dropping in 2024.
See video of Cardi B trying balut for the first time and her surprising reaction below.



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