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Travis Kelce is sharing behind-the-scenes details of his “amazing” date with Taylor Swift at the Sydney Zoo.
The Kansas City Chiefs tight end called the Grammy winner the “best thing possible” as he raved about their day meeting and feeding “exotic animals” including red pandas, koalas and dingos last month.
“The kangaroos were pretty sweet. I got to see a red panda up close and personal,” he told his brother, Jason Kelce, in Wednesday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast.
Travis, 34, particularly enjoyed his experience with the “sweet” red pandas, which he compared to a “friendly raccoon.”
“One of my favorite things is the zookeeper, the one showing us the red panda, we had to go in a cage just to go in and see the panda in, like, the panda area, and they’re like, ‘All right, make sure that door’s closed, and when you get outta here quickly, close this one because they are escape artists,’ and I was like, ‘This thing just got so many brownie points from me, dude!’” he recalled.
While he loved many of the animals, the NFL star did admit there were some that he was thankful do not live in Kansas City, Mo.
“I saw a crocodile, which is f–king way bigger than an alligator,” he said before adding, “Thank God” they are not prominent in the United States.
Travis and Swift, also 34, also got the chance to see two elephants from Africa, a tiger “sitting outside a treehouse” and a lion “up close.”
“You see three of them run down from their rock knowing they’re about to get fed, [and when] you see how fast and agile that thing is, dude, it’s over,” he added. “You can tell one was the big, bad one. Like, damn, that’s a bad man right there. Yeah, it was fun. It was a fun one.”
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The athlete also shared that he had a soft spot for some of the other animals they saw.
“[We fed] the eucalyptus leaves to koalas,” he remembered. “They weren’t doing anything. They were just chilling. That’s what koalas do. They just chill.”
The couple also got to “pet a rhino,” and Travis admitted it was “terrifying to be even in the same pen” as the 2,000-pound animal.
“That thing had just got done running down around in mud. Like, me petting it was like me putting my hand on a plastered wall. That thing was rock-solid, and it was jumping around and stuff. It was real playful,” he shared.
Travis described the rhinos as both “majestic” and “agile.”
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The three-time Super Bowl champion visited the “Cruel Summer” singer in Australia last month during her Eras Tour, during which he was seen waving to fans, singing along to her songs and even handing out guitar picks.
“Sydney did not disappoint. I’m pretty sure the crowds over there are — well, they’re already rowdy. The Australians are pretty rowdy. They like to have a good time. I like to have a good time,” he said.
Travis admired how “f–king loud” the crowd was and even teased that his girlfriend is “very fond of performing in Australia” because of the people.
“Shout-out to Australia for showing up, showing out,” he said.
Travis and the “Anti-Hero” singer were previously spotted holding hands on their zoo date and later sneaking out for a boat date before she jetted off to her next shows in Singapore while he returned to Las Vegas to continue celebrating his 2024 Super Bowl win.
The pair have not been seen together since, but Travis gave a nod to his partner by wearing her signature friendship bracelets at Jason’s emotional retirement announcement Monday.




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