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Whipshots are the new offering from Cardi B, vodka-infused cans of whipped cream that have folks going pretty wild.
By Rick Gonzales | Published
Forbes calls Cardi B the most influential female rapper of all time. While her music has undoubtedly made an impact, some of Cardi B’s ventures outside of music have also been noteworthy, if not popular. She has teamed up with numerous apparel brands including Reebok, she has worked with designer Marc Jacobs, and has her own Fashion Nova clothing line. Late last year, Cardi B also partnered up with Playboy, becoming their creative director and the founding member of Centerfold, a creator-driven website that currently is in the process of being built. Now, Cardi B is expanding even more as she is teaming up with the consumer goods firm, Starco Brands, to launch Whipshots.
Whipshots (one word) has actually been around since last Christmas season as Cardi B shared the release on her Instagram page.
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So, what exactly are Whipshots? Well, they are vodka-infused cans of whipped cream that come in three distinct flavors – caramel, vanilla, and mocha. “Whipshots is over the top, sexy and unique – kind of like me. It’s going to be a party in every can,” said Cardi B her statement pushing her new product. “No matter where you are, you can party like Cardi, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this one-of-a-kind product with all of you.”
Whipshots and Cardi B advertise the product as vodka-infused, so it has to have some vodka in it, right? Yes, it does and it delivers 10% alcohol by volume, a nice addition to that same-old whipped cream. It’s offered as a great addition for a regular pour of cocktails, but Whipshots can also be used on things like hot cocoa or even on an ice cream sundae. How about those who like a little bit of whipped magic on a piece of cake or pie a la mode? Sure seems like one way to “spike” things up just a bit.
Whipshots is definitely “unlike any other spirit on the market.” Besides being infused with 10% vodka, this product, even being a whipped cream, does not have to be refrigerated. “At Starco Brands we pride ourselves on only commercializing products and technologies that are truly behavior changing,” said Ross Sklar, CEO of Starco Brands, who is leading the way with Cardi B on this venture. “Whipshots is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the spirits vertical. This combines delectable flavors, cutting-edge creative direction, and a world-class celebrity and influencer strategy. We are honored and thrilled to be shaking up the spirits world and cannot wait for everyone to experience this party in a can.”
Cardi B, Starco Brands, and Whipshots didn’t waste any time pushing their product. Not only has it finally arrived in stores, but they are offering it in three different sizes as well. The 50mL can is available for $5.99, the 200mL can for $13.99, and the large 375mL can for $19.99.
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They didn’t stop there though. Head on over to the Whipshots website to not only pick up some tips from Whipshots Chief Mixologist Officer, Rob Floyd, but also get some tasty drink recipes from Floyd and his partner-in-drink-crime, Cardi B. Some of the special cocktails include the Fire Island, which uses Vanilla Whipshots; Mocha Money Moves, which employs Mocha Whipshots; Naughty or Nice, another fun drink that uses Vanilla Whipshots; and The Resolution, which also uses Vanilla Whipshots.
Also, all of Cardi B’s Whipshots recipes are here. Or to follow Whipshots themselves, the company has an active Instagram page. There are always more recipes and advance notice if more flavors are in the works.
Ever since Cardi B broke onto the music scene in 2015, she has been a true force of nature. Born as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar in New York City, New York, the soon-to-be 30-year-old has pushed boundaries wherever she has gone, which makes Whipshots a no-brainer for the rap artist. Her popularity and appeal, such as it is, have made her a great pitchwoman for many advertisers.
Cardi B’s accolades are almost unmatched when it comes to female rap artists. Her lone Grammy Award comes with eight Billboard Music Awards, six American Music Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, six BET Awards (including Album of the Year), fourteen BET Hip Hop Awards, and she can also claim six Guinness Books of World Records.
While we are on Cardi B’s accomplishments, which is why Starco Brands chose her for Whipshots, she is also the only female rap artist with five number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Her two mega-popular singles, “WAP” and “Taki Taki” led her to be the only female rap artist to top Spotify’s chart multiple times. Unfortunately, where there are accolades, there is also controversy and that is something that Cardi B cannot escape.
Make no mistake about it, if you have followed any part of Cardi B’s career, you know that controversy follows just about her every move. We can start with the legal issue she found herself in the middle of in 2018. At the time, Cardi B was under investigation in Queens, New York after being accused of assaulting two female bartenders. The claim by the bartenders was that Cardi B and her entourage “threw bottles and alcohol at them.” Cardi B denied being involved but she was nevertheless charged with assault and reckless endangerment, two misdemeanors.
One big controversy that surrounded Cardi B involved fellow female rapper, Nicki Minaj. The incident happened at a New York Fashion Week after party and had Cardi B throwing one of her high heel shoes at Minaj, then attempting to physically attack Minaj. According to Cardi B, the heel throwing and attempted physical altercation stemmed from Minaj liking social media comments that spoke poorly of Cardi B’s ability, or lack thereof, to take care of her newborn child.
For as much heat that Cardi B has felt over the seven years, she’s been in the spotlight, one would think that perhaps advertisers or businesses would steer clear of the rapper, but they don’t. Whipshots is just one more brand that appears to be going all in with the controversial, but incredibly popular and talented rap artist.
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