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Just in time before Taylor Swift‘s The Tortured Poets Department album releases in April, a Today exclusive has confirmed her to be a distant relative of one of the most original tortured poets – Emily Dickinson. This favourably adds more flavour to the theories that Dickinson’s standout work inspired her album folklore. As this latest development around the evermore singer’s life takes hold, her Singapore Eras Tour Day 3 has also come to a banging close. The second concert at the National Stadium was a resounding success, with some A-listers like Blackpink’s Lisa, SHINee’s Minho and Barry Keoghan admitting their Swiftie status. However, the third day witnessed the Enchanted Songbird claiming her Carpenter card, showering her opening act, Sabrina Carpenter, with perennial streams of praise.
Some of her classic concert dresses also took centre stage in conversations among fans and her own marketing team. And more surprise reveals stole the spotlight. Here are the highlights of Taylor Swift’s Singapore Eras Tour Day 3!
The Dress hitmaker seems to have turned her concert wardrobe inside out because all her customary looks seem to have been traded for new glitzy Eras Tour outfits. Swifties have especially had an eye for the wrap dresses she’s sported during her acoustic surprise segments. In the last few days, she’s ditched the yellow one fans had grown accustomed to seeing for its green and burgundy counterparts.
However, that’s not the only dress that’s sent the fans into a frenzy. According to the ongoing inside Swiftie joke, fans have been referring to her tasselled Fearless outfit as the “gold noodle dress”. Her marketing team’s (consisting of fan; supervised by her management team) official X (formerly Twitter) jumped in on the fun conversation and asked how it had earned its moniker. While the answer is obvious, it became an amusing interaction, inciting more chuckles.
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She’s reportedly now performed all songs of her 2023 album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).
The Fearless singer couldn’t stop gushing about Sabrina Carpenter again as she encouraged the audience to give her a round of applause. “I also feel incredibly lucky because I could not possibly have a better opening act on this tour … she is one of my favourite artists,” Taylor celebrated Sabrina’s talents and urged the fans to give her a big hand.
As Taylor continued to deliver the best at her musical gathering, a delightful announcement dropped on her socials. A new trailer for her upcoming concert film was revealed, plastered with even happier news for her fans. The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) film will premiere on Disney+ a few hours earlier than listed before. Moreover, the concert movie will feature an exclusive look at her song cardigan and four new acoustic songs (including Maroon). Fans may tune into the Eras Tour concert film premiere on March 14 at 6 pm PT.
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Like yesterday, the 24-year-old couldn’t stop herself from switching her Nonsense outro lyrics. “This crowd ate me up like I’m an omelette / I swear I’m coming back here, that’s a promise / You cleared all my Singa-pores, I’m flawless,” continued the Feather singer’s witty puns.
Sabrina’s setlist for the third day nearly mirrored yesterday’s roster. She performed the same songs- Read Your Mind, Feather, Vicious, Already Over, Tornado’s Warnings, Opposite, Fast Times, Because I Like a Boy, Nonsense – except the replacement of the Hopelessly Devoted To You cover to bring back ABBA’s Dancing Queen.



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