Cardi B Says Coach Bag Diss On New Single Was Inspired By Cam’ron – Vibe

Cam referenced the brand’s popular bags in a similar fashion on his 2011 track “Hey Muma.”
By Preezy Brown
Hip-Hop Reporter
Cardi B came under fire this weekend for seemingly dissing affordable luxury brand Coach in her new “Like What (Freestyle).”
On the track, which was released on Friday (March 1), the Bronx rapper rhymes “Classy and a c*nt/ Blocks and money getting spunt/ Like, like what?/ Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want.”
To fans, the lyrics seemed to be deeming Coach as an undesirable brand for people of high status, leading to them question why Cardi would reference Coach’s popular handbags in a seemingly negative light.
According to Cardi, those particular bars on her latest hit were inspired by Cam’ron and Dipset, who once deemed Coach handbags as inferior to other brands on he and Vado’s track “Hey Muma.”

The song, which was released over 13 years ago, finds Cam rapping “Yo, girl, get a notepad/ You ain’t got no swag/ And you so fine, it’s so sad/ Still riding coach, need a Coach bag/ Let me coach you, no coach tags/ Get rid of that Coach bag.”

“In 2011, everybody started getting rid of their Coach sh*t,” the Grammy Award winner said. “Honest truth, it was really because of Cam’ron.”
She continued, adding “When I was doing this song, that’s what I was thinking about. It’s like, ‘Bi**h, do you want that or do you want this? You want a Chanel or you want this bag?’”
The 31-year-old continued, adding “Yo, I’m getting jumped. I be feeling like people from New York, like … we live in our own little world, right? I’m getting jumped because everybody’s like ‘Bi**h, what’s wrong with Coach?’”
Cardi also insisted those choice couplets were not meant to be offensive or classist in nature. “Now everybody’s jumping me, I’m not trying to be on some rich sh*t and everything. This is just a real New York sh*t. I ain’t trying to offend none of y’all. I’ma buy me a Coach bag tomorrow, you hear me?”
She also noted that she previously owned a pair of Coach rain boots while in high school, which she wore “all the time.” The rapper also received love from Coach’s official X account, which she reciprocated in a tweet of her own.
See Cardi B break down her Coach reference on “Like What (Freestyle)” below.

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