Travis Kelce Became 'a Different Man' After Dating Taylor Swift, Kansas City Chiefs Coach Dave Merritt Says – Entertainment Tonight

Kansas City Chiefs defensive backs coach Dave Merritt is shedding light on the positive effect Taylor Swift has had on not only Travis Kelce, but the team as a whole.
In a recent episode of The Sports Shop With Reese & KmacMerritt praised the “Shake It Off’ singer, 34, saying, “She actually affected the team in a positive way.”
“Everybody was excited that Travis was happy. So when my player, my brother, is happy beside me, that helps me and that encourages me,” Merritt said of their romance. 
Since Swift began dating the 34-year-old tight end in September 2023, the coach noted that Kelce “came in there a different man,” adding, “So she helped us.”
“She won a Super Bowl in her first year in the NFL,” he joked, referencing the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl LVIII win against the San Francisco 49ers. “How about that?”
Swift has been a fixture at Chiefs games amid her blossoming romance with Kelce. While many have criticized her frequent appearances at the NFL games, Merritt pointed out that when she first started coming around, “it was privately.” He explained, “She was coming into the stadiums without people really knowing until the camera put the big spotlight on her.”
He continued: “But upon meeting her, I felt like she actually added to what it was that we were trying to do. Because there were so many people that were hating the fact that she was being shown on TV, that you know what, you’re part of our family because you’re now with Travis, so therefore you’re our little sister or you’re whatever it may be, you’re part of family.”
Another person who couldn’t be happier for Kelce and Swift? Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who actually knew the singer prior to her romance with the tight end.
In a recent interview with Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio, Reid revealed he’s known Swift longer than she’s known Kelce.
“I actually knew her and her family before Trav did,” Reid shared. “They’re from Pennsylvania, and her dad was an Eagles fan — a football fan, really — I believe he played at Delaware, so he gets the game. He understands. And she’s got a great mom, and they’re very close that way.”
Despite knowing Swift and her family before Kelce, the coach maintains he did not play a part in setting them up.
“I had nothing to do with it, but I think she mentioned [it] to him when they met,” Reid revealed. “She goes, ‘I know your coach,’ and he kind of went, ‘What coach?’ And she goes, ‘Coach Reid and his wife,’ and Trav went, ‘Oh no, that’s not what I wanted to hear.’ But listen, it was all good. They’re good people, both of them. I’m happy that they’re happy. Really.”
Of whether he was worried if Swift would be able to handle the attention that comes with dating Kelce, Reid said, “I met her when she was young, I never worried that she wouldn’t handle it. She handles herself so well and has done so well in her career that I never worried about that.”
“I was just happy that they were both happy,” he continued. “Trav never let it be an issue, she never made it an issue. I think she really enjoyed herself watching the games and not having to have the spotlight on her. She was able to get in there, and Trav was the guy and she enjoyed that part, not having to be the star of the game. She could just hang out up there and enjoy Brittany [Mahomes] and the crew. I thought it was all positive, a very positive thing.”
Reid has been open up about his love and admiration for Swift, and in a separate interview with NFL analyst Chris Simms on an episode of his PFT Live podcast, the coach revealed one of the sweet ways the songstress won over the Kansas City Chiefs team
“Behind the scenes, she likes to cook. So she made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts,” Reid revealed. 
“So it was over,” Reid added with a laugh. “She knew right where to go.” Unfortunately, Reid seemingly lamented not getting one of the homemade treats himself.
Swift is currently in the midst of the international leg of her Eras World Tour. She recently wrapped up her shows in Sydney, Australia, and is set to kick off her concerts in Singapore on March 2. After her six shows there, Swift will make her way to Paris, France, where she has four shows lined up.
Kelce recently flew out to Sydney to support his girlfriend, though his trip was short since he had to meet up with his teammates in Las Vegas for another celebration of their Super Bowl LVIII win. It’s unclear if Kelce will join Swift in Singapore, but his dad, Ed Kelce, previously told The Sydney Morning Herald that the NFL star was interested in visiting the country



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