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Just weeks after promising “back-to-back” new music drops in 2024, Cardi B seems well on her way to keeping her word with the first of said releases ‘Like What.’
First teased Wednesday (February 28), the tune – which features a prominent sample of Missy Elliott‘s 1999 hit ‘She’s a B*tch‘ – sees the GRAMMY winner do some BIG flexing.
“Classy and a c-nt / Blocks and money gettin’ spunt / Like, like what? / Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want / If I ask for it, all I wanna hear is, “Yes” / B-tch said she wanna be my opp, God bless,” she raps on the new song believed to be the latest taste of music set to line her long-awaited sophomore album.
Get acquainted with ‘Like What’ via its official music video (directed by her husband Offset) inside.

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She wanna be onika so bad !!!
Why would she want to be a 41 year old haggard rapper with zero Grammys and an album the label didn’t give fund any videos for once it was released? Cardi has mansions in y’all’s head and Grannys head.
I know right she walks around looking like she carrying a baby joey,she gets on Twitter and go on rants for days,she is obsessed with being called the queen,she always gives a lackluster performance ie laying on her stomach while her ass runs over the sides of her hips you right #bardigang
Cause Ken hasn’t cheated on Barbie.
The song is actually a strong lead single. Its Just that the video is a distraction from the song’s quality. Replay value A1, I prefer to listen without the visual
She finally brought something worth something. This will probably go over well.
Directed by Offset …. FLOP!
Your username is a flop.
ATEEE! Bring the album ma’am
*middle of your brain. That’s where cardi lives in you and Nicki’s mind 🤭
The second song teased at the end I need it NOW!!! Stay on necks cardi!!!
This won’t chart ANYWHERE
Nicki ended her and ice Spice put the nail in the coffin ⚰️
lol at ice spice. That raggedy Ann looking clown is a here today gone tomorrow type. Get a clue.
She looks AMAZING as always but this song is not it for me at least on first listen. She seems clearer on what she wants to serve so I’ma just give her a chance before I drag lmao
Usual s** filled garbage. Why is it this is what women of color have to do to sell music? You don’t see Taylor swift or Miley talking about their fat asses or vaginas in songs.
This is just sad. Cardi is pretty but will end up a jaded over surgery joke like Kim and all the other women who let themselves be objectified.
Lol no shade but neither Taylor or Miley have an ass, so I doubt they would sing about they do have one, but Iggy did sing about her body parts before!
3.5/10 no replay value at all
All I want to say is she is back and did what needed to be down gave what needed to be gave it’s infectious she classy and a c***
Well it’s definitely better than bongos and hot s*** …… So it’s a step up for her in my opinion 🙌
Wtf was that ? That “video” is horrible. She’s got nothing to say or nothing new to bring on the table. T*** out trying to rap about s€x… what an hoevolution.
The silver look eats that’s all I got
This ain’t it.
Megan & Cardi are seasoning Nicki for the Roast this summer.
I like it… closer to the Cardi we all fell in love with
Much like most Cardi or Offset singles for that matter, this will sound GREAT on Radio or on in the car. 4 out of 5. 🌟
The song is actually a strong lead single. Its Just that the video is a distraction from the song’s quality. Replay value A1, I prefer to listen without the visual.
Something about this sounds dated as hell
She has imitators? Where? Lol. I like the beat but nah sis
Nicki will never be able to use this beat for reasons and beds she made for herself to lay in. Off with her Barbie head.
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