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Following a highly publisized cheating scandal, Cardi B says she and fiancé Offset aren’t “speaking like that.” However, she has chosen to speak up and out about the controversy he’s currently engulfed in.
As widely reported, the Migos star caught all sorts of heat this week he rapped the following lyric on YFN Lucci’s ‘Boss Life’:
“I cannot vibe with queers”
He’s since apologized for any offence caused and insists that he’s not homophobic, stressing that his use of the word was taken in the wrong content.
And now Cardi is backing him up. See what we mean…

Speaking via a live Periscope, Cardi said:
“I’m not going to let somebody call him ‘homophobic’ when I know that he’s not, and I’m saying this because I seen him… around gays, and he treats them with the same respect he treats everybody. He never acts uncomfortable and he just don’t care.
Now, that’s a word that you guys say that it’s a bad word for gays – I never even heard that word in the first place – why don’t y’all educate people about it? A lot of people are not aware about what’s wrong or right in the LGBT community. Why don’t we do things to educate instead of bashing and trying to label something that they not? Our schools never teach us that these are bad words.”
Cardi went on to add that she didn’t know “tranny” was a “bad word ’cause trans people use it. Let’s not front like they don’t.”
Peep the full clip:

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This b**** dumb!!! Omg!! Annoying and needs a mussel
Lol, He treats them with the same respect as he treats everybody?? How much respect could that be??? Cardi, he cheats on YOU. ? Respect? Bye.
And being homophobic doesn’t require you to be outwardly nasty and even inwardly uncomfortable around gay people. Homophobic, racist, sexist people fly under the radar all the time. Plenty of people found that out about their own family members and co workers when Trump got elected.
Also, It’s not my responsibility to teach you what your schools/parents didn’t. I’m sorry. That’s just not my job. You can’t plead ignorance when you get held to your words. If you have enough sense to know that you weren’t taught things then you have enough sense to actively seek out ways to educate yourself.
Cardi needs a lawyer present everytime she talks. It was funny at first, but not anymore. Bish talking about educating yourselves when she seems to have never picked up a book in life. Cardi, now listen. Nicki is on vacation, when she come up off vacation you need to get your deal back with love and hiphop cuz we know payola is paying for your chart positions. Offbeat or whatever his name is need to go with you too so he can get a few extra dollars cuz both of y’all careers bout to be over soon
Hopefully, they are annoying as f***. That offspring guy is even worse than cardi
NOT Offbeat! ???? That killed me. Offbeat should learn to spell and to form a complete sentence. He should sit with a speech coach and get the bubble gum out of his mouth when trying to talk.
Stop making TRASH famous.
A kingkong ugly .. he looks smelly n dirty . An uneducated stripper slash prostiute enjoying their 1 minute of fame . Let’s see in 3 or 4 years … both of them are trash what u guys expected
They are both uneducated trash who lack proper understanding of the English language. By definition and past usage, the word “q****” is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities who are not straight. Thus, his lyrics are homophobic, regardless if the lyrics were homophobic intentionally or unintentionally. He could have easily said “I don’t F with lames” if that is what he truly meant but he did not.
actually the word q**** is defined by Webster’s as:
1. strange; odd.
“she had a q**** feeling that they were being watched”
synonyms: odd, strange, unusual, funny, peculiar, curious, bizarre, weird, uncanny, freakish, eerie, unnatural…
it wasn’t until the LGBT movement came along and they adopted the 2nd meaning of the word to define people of that demarcation.
We have to be careful that while we ask for allyship for different movements, that we don’t force opinions on them. I agree with Cardi is saying. There are tons of things that people don’t know yet or don’t understand about the LGBT community. America has this notion that everyone is from NYC or LA and just knows everything about everything, but that’s not the case. Some parts of this country don’t even know who some of the biggest stars are let alone how to address people by their desired sexual pronouns or definitions. We gotta stop being so sensitive and allow people the space to learn instead of just bashing them.
I am not gay so I do not know everything about LGBT but I do know that the word is understood to be synonymous with gay. Thus, if gay people think his use of the word is homophobic I believe them.
I’m confused! Isn’t the Q in lgbtq meant for q****? So how is it a bad word if it’s used in lgbtq? Secondly so what if he is uncomfortable around q***** that’s how he feels! If a trans isn’t comfortable in being the s** they were born how can y’all tell someone else what they should be comfortable with! LGBTQ is so confused. Again the average heterosexual male is going to feel differently and won’t understand.
Bc he saying he don’t f*** with them
They not saying q**** is wrong they’re saying his saying he doesn’t fw them is homophobic
He could’ve said “don’t fw em cuz they weird” and it would’ve rhymed
He backpedaling
I don’t care cuz he don’t pay my bills
Butit is homophobic and he dresses gay
B**** Was A Derogatory Word For Females, But The Word Is Now Used For Empowerment. I Believe Q**** Is Suppose To Be The Same Thing
Tama B|tch is not an empowering word. Who told you that BS. It is slang for “girl” and also in use for demeaning someone. If someone calls you a b|tch, even if they are a friend, they are not using the word to empower you.
I also don’t get how the lgbtq gets soooo offensive but will sit on blogs and be just as nasty and rude to these artists call them names as well as each other then act like civil ppl when someone doesn’t agree with their lifestyles. Get mad at certain names. Then bash a guy that doesn’t like another males advances like they did ginuwine. I’ve sat on this blog for years and I’m must say y’all need to practice what u preach! If y’all can say half of what u say with no regrets u should have tougher thicker skin
Our comments don’t have milliOns of streams
They perpetuating violence toward gays by having ghetto men and women singing it
Go to the club and listen to knuck if u buck it’s gonna evoke an emotion
Music is powerful
I guess you didn’t pay attention because most of us defended Ginuwine and thought it was wrong to call him transphobic.
. that b**** needs to keep her mouth shut when it comes to his affairs
She reminds of a chick who forgave her cheating husband
That’s exactly what she is lmao
She’s not dumb….shes actually smart and what she says is true. Same way us black people throw the word N****/N***** around….especially in our music or in everyday life but we get mad when non black people use it. So she’s right education is needed so people can understand right and wrong.
The word ‘q****’ is not a slur in and of itself. Someone who identifies as q**** could sit anywhere on the spectrum of gender/sexuality/sexual preference that isn’t fully mainstream. However, only people with broad awareness of its modern usage should use it, as it is a slur in the wrong hands i.e. ‘People who identify as q****’ versus ‘q*****’. Similarly, saying ‘black people’ is much more respectful than saying ‘blacks’.
Sooo Doo listen couple things J.lo should schooled card I on the best way to run when your black boyfriend gets in trouble. And your career is on the line ? #puffy2018
That’s being said she does pose a solid point take the word b!+ch its a word that can empower woman or degrade them it can make a gay feel super important but the true definition female dog ? F** = cigarette an the list goes on and on and does include qu×er which does mean weird which makes the agreement of context valid however with the group past its a hard sell? and with the gays its DOA I had very strong. Feeling this would come up card I sister is a whole lesbian right now and your man is in a group that has condemned some gay stuff a couple times but could offset be this stupid I am going out on a leap of faith to say NO but I will say cardi this is one occasion where quiet is best. Off set is. On 14:50 of his 15 min of fame and your on 2:30 somebody is gonna need to bring home the beacon ask me she shoulda got back with tommy ?
Oh god stfu. Can’t stand to hear her rant because she doesn’t know wtf she’s talking about. Plus this isn’t the first time he said something homophobic so miss us with the “he has a gay stylist” bs. She goes so hard for this man who has 0 respect for her and has embarrassed her in front of the whole world.
I agree with Cardi B. I think that it’s wrong that people are so quick to judge others just because they don’t know what exactly these other people are trying to accomplish for themselves. Just because we don’t know what these other people are doing, doesn’t mean that they should bash against those who aren’t educated on it.
Cardi B is back!
Following a “Where is Cardi?” / #BardiBlackout social media campaign, the femcee has been found and she’s ready to unleash her brand new single, ‘Like What (Freestyle).’
Full story below…
She’s coming!
Just a day after sending the Web into a frenzy with a social media blackout, Cardi B is moving full speed ahead with the tease of her new single.
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