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For International Women's Day, it might be worth revisiting the days before women's suffrage. At least, that seems to be the goal of Soomo Publishing, which produced a parody Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video.
The actors, dressed in turn-of-the-century suffragette gear, sung lyrics that call back the days before women had the right to vote.
"It's gotten ugly / They passed the 15th / Still women have no right / Nor guarantee / To liberty / Child, health, wealth / Or property," the video's lyrics said.
Soomo Publishing said the video was produced as "a parody music video paying homage to Alice Paul and the generations of brave women who joined together in the fight to pass the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote in 1920."
The company also produced a video called "Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration" in 2010, which parodied "Apologize" by One Republic, featuring Timbaland, while teaching about the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.
Soomo Publishing said on its website, "Making music videos isn't Soomo's main focus, but education is. … Soomo is a small team designing and developing next generation learning resources."
Watch the "Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage" video, uploaded to YouTube on March 6.

The National Rifle Organization and its former head, Wayne LaPierre, have been found liable for mismanagement in a civil corruption case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, reported ABC News on Friday.
The jury recommended that LaPierre be held for $5.4 million in damages; he has already repaid $1 million in the wake of the corruption scandal, according to reports.
"The New York Attorney General's Office sued the NRA and its senior management in 2020, claiming they misappropriated millions of dollars to fund personal benefits — including private jets, family vacations and luxury goods," reported Meredith Deliso, Aaron Katersky, and Peter Charalambous. "The accusations came at the end of a three-year investigation into the NRA, which is registered in New York as a nonprofit charitable corporation."
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Former NRA president Oliver North, who was most famous for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal in the Reagan administration, testified in the trial, turning on the organization and saying that James' financial allegations against them were accurate.
This comes at a time when the NRA, infamous for its militant organizing on gun policy in the United States, is reportedly already in a state of decline, with membership and funds drying up.
James' victory follows her role in another nationally-watched civil case, where she secured a more than $350 million judgment against former President Donald Trump and his adult sons for business fraud. Trump is still challenging that court judgment.

There’s something “odd” about former President Donald Trump’s latest court filing in his Georgia election racketeering case, according to an MSNBC host’s analysis.
Katie Phang took to X Friday to discuss a corrected supplemental defense exhibit Trump filed in regards to the personal relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade his co-defendants contend constitutes misconduct.
“It has some very interesting, substantive corrections/edits made to the original affidavit of Trump's criminal defense investigator,” writes Phang. “This filing isn't as much of a 'gotcha' as Trump thinks it is.”
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Phang points specifically to a correction on the fifth page that changes 12,000 text messages” to “12,000 interactions” identified between Willis and Wade over an 11-month span.
“One odd thing,” Phang writes, “The definition of ‘interactions’–’this includes voice calls and text messages’–doesn't change.”
But in the corrected affidavit, Phang notes, Trump’s investigator tallies his findings at more than 2000 voice calls and just under 12,000 interactions.
“I thought the definition included voice calls?” she wrote.
Phang also notes Wade and Willis testified that the time together as friends, which she argues undercuts the impact of the AT&T records analysis.
“I also noticed that in the affidavit, it didn't say he served a subpoena on AT&T,” Phang concluded. “He said he ‘served a request for records.’ [Six] days after the request, ‘counsel’ received the records.”
Phang's followers were quick to offer their own interpretations that followed a common trend.
"The desperation is embarrassingly thick with these filings," replied @RyanWhitingVO. "He loves a good circus!"
"Desperate for a delay," added @Raaamonnn. "He'll do anything to delay this case."
"Grasping at straws," added @spicedrop71. "Of course."

Former President Donald Trump appeared to suggest that the U.S. Justice Department might go after former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at his rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Friday.
However, he didn't bother to elaborate on why he thinks this or what he believes she would be charged with.
"If Nikki Haley was ever in this position, they would go after her, I can give you about five reasons why," said Trump. "But I don't want to get myself in trouble. They'll say he's so mean, he's so mean. There are some reasons. I think everybody in your state knows some beautiful reasons they would go after her the same way they go after me."
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"It's what they do," he added.
Trump is currently facing four sets of indictments totaling over 90 counts, including two federal cases, and cases in New York and Georgia, ranging from election conspiracy to Espionage Act violations to bookkeeping fraud to conceal alleged hush payments. The trial in the "hush money" case, which alleges Trump paid off an adult form star in order to deceive the voting public about his misdeeds, is scheduled to start March 25.
Haley, who also previously served as Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, is the only remaining Republican challenging Trump for the 2024 nomination, with the South Carolina primary being held tomorrow. Polling suggests she is likely to lose against the ex-president in her home state.
Watch the video below or at the link here.
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