Taylor Swift ‘bans Travis Kelce from strip clubs’ as rumors swirl she has given Chiefs ace set of rel… – The US Sun

TAYLOR Swift is reportedly keeping Travis Kelce in check during their young relationship.
Kelce has been thrust into the spotlight after another Super Bowl win, especially since he did so alongside Swift.
The pop superstar has always been cautious about her public image, and after Kelce's drunken tirade, she is reportedly ready to lay down the law with her NFL boyfriend.
Six months into their relationship, Swift is reportedly comfortable enough to set some rules for her man.
Kelce is reportedly mostly on board with the new set of rules, but has found himself upset with a few of them.
A source told Life & Style that Swift has asked Kelce to stay away from strip clubs and other such establishments, a rule he has no issue with.
However, Swift has also reportedly asked her man not to pose for pictures with any female fans, something he isn't a huge fan of.
Kelce is said to understand Swift has a carefully crafted public image but also thinks he needs to have his own say in some of his decisions.
"He has no interest in playing a calculated media game if it's going to make him think twice about every move he makes. That's not his style," the source said.
Kelce was seen wearing a shirt from a famous Las Vegas strip club in November after playing against the Raiders.
His shirt raised some questions about his behavior during his relationship with Swift, apparently enough for her to set a ground rule for it.
Swift also reportedly expects Kelce to FaceTime her while they are apart instead of texting and calling to stay in touch with each other.
"She didn't overtly say it, but she secretly wants to see where he is and who he's with," the source said.
"Taylor's a good judge of character and fears that some of his buddies are red flags."
It isn't all about restrictions though. Swift has also reportedly given Kelce a $500,000 allowance to step up his fashion.
"She loves that he likes to take chances with his style choices, but some of his outfits have been suspect," the source said. 
"He's at an all-new fame level, so stepping it up with designer duds is just part of the deal. Taylor says she's not changing him — it's an evolution."
The source made sure to insist that Swift isn't trying to control her boyfriend, just keep him in check.



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