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Rain on me
As you’ve probably seen, Lady Gaga has made her way to Fortnite. Years after first making waves by claiming not to know what Fornite was (or who Ninja was, for that matter), Gaga is now live in Fortnite right now. You can grab a Gaga skin, pick up some Gaga emotes, jump on stage and perform Gaga tunes and so much more. There’s no doubt that Fortnite x Little Monster fans are having a blast right now.
Wondering how Lady Gaga herself feels about this unique collaboration? Along with randomly sharing social media posts showing off her time in the game, Gaga has also shared a message on Instagram about her thoughts on Fortnite’s latest big-name tie-up. You can see what Gaga had to say in the message below.
Music. Fashion. Technology. Digital rain for my skin to dance in. Best day ever. We loved combining these worlds so we could experience music on a whole other level. Feels like this was meant to be. Immersive experiences with art I think really leave an imprint on the soul and it changes the texture of how we experience pop culture. I love Fortnite*. Monsters enjoy!
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