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Cardi B consistently proves that she’s not too rich to get into a fight. As her ongoing legal battle with social media influencer Tasha K rages on, Cardi B and her attorneys are headed to federal court, this time to examine not only Tasha K.’s income and assets but also her husband’s. 
According to Radar Online.com, Tasha K is set to appear in court this week for a videotaped examination. Cardi B’s attorneys are demanding income and assets owned by Tasha K and her husband, Cheikna Kebe. Tasha K was instructed to pay Cardi B $4 million after jurors in a federal court in Georgia determined that she defamed the rapper in a series of videos on her YouTube channel. However, she has not fulfilled her financial obligation and attorneys representing Cardi B want her to testify under oath about her assets and income.
Tasha K runs the YouTube channel, “Unwine With Tasha K.” Her account has over 1.1 million subscribers. The social media influencer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an effort to avoid paying Cardi B. However, attorneys representing Cardi B have argued that Tasha K is not protected from repaying from defamation Cardi B as a result of bankruptcy. 
Defamation Lawsuit and Aftermath 
In 2019, Cardi B launched a defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, claiming that she posted videos on her YouTube channel accusing her of working as an escort, having a sexually transmitted disease, and being a drug user. 
During the trial, Cardi B testified that the video content caused her emotional distress. In January 2022, a jury ruled in Cardi B’s favor and she was awarded $4 million- $1 million in general damages, $250,000 in medical expenses, $1.5 million in punitive damages, and $1.3 million for her legal fees. The court also told Tasha K to remove the videos from her channel.
“Think [its] a game but imma come for everything…..BBHMM (bi**h better have my money), Cardi B told Vibe after winning the case. 
Since then Tasha K has posted several times on social media claiming she doesn’t have the money to repay. 
“#TashaKGetsAJOB,” she wrote on X (formally Twitter). “I will let y’all know what Part-Time gig I get so I can pay off this damn debt. #iaintgotit but I’m gonna get it. @McDonalds @wendys @burgerking any positions available..i will do anything.”
Tasha K filed an appeal and lost in March. 
“Damn Winos! We lost the appeal against Cardi B, sad day. But I’m gonna be alright. I appreciate all your love [and] support,” she said in an Instagram post.“Today we throw in the white flag. What happened will never happen again. To Cardi [and] her team, I apologize. We live and learn.”
Cardi B, who has a net worth of $40 million has been pursuing legal action against Tasha K for almost a year to receive the money.  Cardi B began efforts to seize the money from the social media influencer’s bank accounts. She also sought to obtain her money via Google, as Tasha K is paid advertising revenue from her YouTube channel through the company. 
Cardi B was able to obtain almost $11,000 between the influencer’s personal bank account and YouTube earnings. 
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing
Tasha K then rushed to file bankruptcy in May 2023 hoping to avoid paying Cardi B any more money. As part of her bankruptcy filing, Tasha K claimed her assets to be between almost $60,000 while her liabilities ranged from $1 million to $10 million. Tasha K shared assets such as home furnishings, a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, electronics valued at $500 worth of electronics, $2,500 worth of clothes, two Louis Vuitton handbags, and other luxury handbags. Also included, according to Vibe, is Tasha K’s Google account worth $10,000. The shared income between Tasha K and her husband was reported to be $156,021 in 2021 and $134,861 in 2022. Additional documentation lists each having a monthly income of $30,000.
Soon after, Cardi B filed a lawsuit requesting that the $4 million debt not be dissolved as a result of Tasha K’s impending bankruptcy. Cardi B’s attorneys have argued that Tasha K was liable for the judgment because she acted out of malice and defamation judgements are not discharged in bankruptcy court.
Show and Prove
In the upcoming court appearance, Tasha K will have to share documents showing all of her income, assets and liabilities.
Court documents obtained by Radar Online show that Cardi B’s attorneys have asked for information related to “Debtor’s direct or indirect income streams through Social Media Platforms or through wire transfers, cash payments or transfers via applications such as PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or CashApp or any other manner for designed for transferring funds to Debtor or at Debtor’s direction to third parties.”
Cardi B is also demanding copies of credit card statements between March 2019 and September 2023; investment and retirement account information; a detailed list coupled with photos of home furniture; assets owned by Tasha K’s husband; and any correspondence with the IRS.
Tasha K reportedly has offered to pay through a payment plan $220,000 quarterly to settle the defamation case. She reportedly has an Oct. 23 confirmation hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Cardi B is expected to vote on whether to approve the plan, according to XXL. 
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