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Explore the latest Fortnite Update 28.30 featuring LEGO Fortnite, Lady Gaga in Fortnite Festival Season 2, and more exciting additions.
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Fortnite's latest V28.30 update introduces new gameplay modes and features that enhance the gaming experience for its vast player base. The update brings LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival to the forefront, providing a variety of new experiences and challenges for players to explore.
November was a landmark month for Fortnite, as the game celebrated reaching 100 million players in a single month. This milestone underscores the game's enduring popularity and the community's enthusiastic response to the Season OG update, which brought back beloved elements from Fortnite's early days. Epic Games' commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging is evident in the continuous release of substantial updates.
One of the most notable additions in the latest update is the introduction of the Gone Fishin' update to LEGO Fortnite. This update brings a whole new dimension to the game with a fishing mini-game that allows players to craft Fishing Rods and embark on a quest to catch a wide variety of fish, including the elusive Legendary fish. The success of fishing endeavors in LEGO Fortnite depends on several factors such as the type of water, the prevailing weather conditions, the time of day, and the specific biome where the fishing takes place. To enhance the fishing experience, new items like the Food Processor and Bait Bucket have been introduced. Moreover, the update makes navigation easier with tools like the Spyglass and Compass and adds more depth to the game with new villager options, charms, LEGO-style outfits, and gameplay enhancements.
Goin’ fishin' 🎣
Fishing has arrived! Cast your net wide and explore each biome to discover all of the fish. Hot tip: craft the new Compass to help you 🧭
More on our fintastic new update here:
— LEGO Fortnite (@LEGOFortnite) February 22, 2024
Fortnite Festival's Season 2 update brings a touch of star power to the game, centering around the iconic pop sensation Lady Gaga. The update features an array of Lady Gaga tracks, skins, and more, all of which are unlockable through the Festival Pass. As players progress through the pass, they can unlock her music and other exclusive rewards. Additionally, the update introduces three new Jam Tracks available for free, enriching the game's musical landscape. Among the premium rewards, players can look forward to songs like “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly and “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga, among others, further blending the worlds of music and gaming in Fortnite's immersive universe.
FORTNITE FESTIVAL SEASON 2 💖🎸@FNFestival @FortniteGame
— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) February 22, 2024
The 28.30 update not only introduces new gameplay modes and features but also reinforces Fortnite's position as a dynamic and inclusive platform for gamers and music enthusiasts alike. By integrating elements from pop culture and offering a diverse range of activities—from creative construction in LEGO Fortnite to immersive musical experiences in Fortnite Festival — Epic Games ensures that there's always something new and exciting for every type of player.
As Fortnite continues to expand its horizons with updates like V28.30, it's clear that the game's appeal lies in its ability to evolve and adapt to the interests and passions of its community. With the addition of fishing, musical tracks from global superstars, and more, Fortnite is not just a game; it's a constantly evolving virtual world that reflects the dynamic interplay between gaming, culture, and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the Fortnite phenomenon, the latest update offers a wealth of content to explore, ensuring that the game remains as popular and engaging as ever.
The Fortnite Update V28.30 goes beyond headline features, offering a comprehensive overhaul that touches every aspect of the game. Here's the full list of patch notes, detailing all the changes and new additions players can expect.
Ready to start catching Floppers? Just follow these tips and you’ll be reel good in no time:
You gotta have the right gear to get started, so let’s start with a Fishing Rod! There are four rarities you can craft. You’re more likely to pull in your catch with a higher-rarity Fishing Rod, but the lower-rarity ones are easier to make. Here’s how to craft each rarity!
With your handy Fishing Rod, you can begin fishin’! Can you catch all of the fish introduced in v28.30?
Different fish can be found based on the biome and water you’re fishing in, and also the weather and time of day! Tackle the fishing pastime by catching the Legendary version of each fish.
Be sure to hold onto those Legendary fish! There will be a way to display them in a future update.
Want some brick fish for breakfast? With the new Food Processor Station, you can turn the fish you catch into Fish Filets! (Unlock the Food Processor recipe by crafting or using a Lumber Mill.)
Fish Filets aren’t the only seafood you can eat. With a Grill, you can also make dishes like Smoked Fry Fish and Black and Blue Shieldfish Sushi!
All you need to fish is a Fishing Rod and water. But fish are a slippery bunch, so don’t just cast your line and expect fish to flock. Throw bait into water to create a Fishing Spot! 
Get bait from a Bait Bucket, which has four rarities you can craft. The rarer the bucket, the more likely you are to attract a fish:
Become as much of a fishing legend as the expert Turk! (This angler may appear as a potential Villager to join your adventure.)
v28.30 adds two new resources to LEGO Fortnite! With a Shovel, dig Sand out of the ground in sandy areas.
Some people don’t like Sand, because it of course gets everywhere. It’s even in glass… Craft Glass with Sand and a Metal Smelter!
Make it easier to see what’s far away! The Spyglass is a telescopic tool that magnifies distant views. Unlock the recipe for a Spyglass by adding Glass to your inventory and having a Crafting Bench in your world. Then, you guessed it, craft one at a Crafting Bench!
It’s easy to forget which way you’re going in unless you open your map. But if you craft a Compass, you won’t need your map for that! The Compass adds basic navigation to the HUD, telling you which direction you’re facing. Unlock the recipe for a Compass by adding Glass to your inventory and having a Crafting Bench in your world. Then — you know where this is going — craft one at a Crafting Bench.
Want to add navigation AND map markers to your HUD? Then craft the Advanced Compass, whose recipe is unlocked the same way as the regular Compass.
Turk isn’t the only one who can appear as a potential new Villager. Fellow fishers Outcast and Bob can too!
There are new charms to discover and craft along your adventure!
The Reflection Charm deals some of the damage you take back at your attacker when you get hurt. While the Wavebreak Charm increases your swimming speed, making you faster the more Wavebreak Charms you have equipped. Different fish are required to craft both charms, so pick up that Fishing Rod and reel ‘em in!
With v28.30, more Outfits in Fortnite have received a LEGO Style! If you already own these Outfits, their LEGO Styles are currently in your Locker:
For Outfits that have received more than one LEGO Style, you now have the option to choose between the Styles!
Get ready to go gaga as the legendary superstar, Lady Gaga, becomes the Icon for fortnight Festival Season 2: Unlock Your Talent!
Season 2 starts February 22 with v28.30 and ends April 22, 2024, at 12 AM ET. While Season 2 keeps sounding, progress in the Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass to unlock new Instruments, Jam Tracks, and more! This Pass has both a free reward track and Premium Reward Track upgrade.
In the Premium Reward Track, keep the crowd roaring to unlock Lady Gaga-themed Instruments and the Engimatic Gaga Outfit! Conquer the darkness and shine like the star you are.
Ready for your rise to glory? When you enter the Lobby of a Fortnite Festival experience (“Main Stage” or “Jam Stage”), go to Festival Pass in the top navigation. This is where you’ll find the Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass and a button to view Festival Quests!
Visualize a perfect streak then clash and bash your way through the Festival Pass. Completing Festival Quests will earn you Festival Points that push you along in the Pass! (More points equals more in-game rewards.)
Julian Ojeda ·
Julian Ojeda ·
Burtland Dixon ·
As you’re proceeding in the Pass, keep driving the beat forward with the Woodworker Drums. This final reward of the free reward track is crafted with love and has a warm resonance!
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Festival Season without new Jam Tracks. Three new Jam Tracks are waiting to be unlocked in the free reward track:
“8-Bit Beat” and “Best Buds” existed previously in Fortnite as Lobby Tracks. Players who already had them in their Locker before Fortnite Festival Season 2 will receive a one-time V-Bucks refund for each one, equivalent to the amount they paid for it. They’ll also be granted the Jam Track version!
If you’d rather wow with your style than with music alone, “blow” the minds of your bandmates with the Pop Off Aura or turn your Guitar into a spinstrument with the Strap Spin Emote.
Drummers deserve some showmanship too. When the set’s over, don’t forget to say goodbye with the Backbeat Bow Emote. Thank you and goodnight.
The Strap Spin and Backbeat Bow Emotes are a new type of Emote. Equip these to express yourself with a certain kind of Instrument!
This one’s for all the Little Monsters out there. For 1,800 V-Bucks, purchase the Premium Reward Track where a layer of Lady Gaga rewards await. As a bonus, you’ll instantly unlock the Glitch Groove Aura when you purchase the Premium Reward Track! This isn’t a glitch in the system.
The final reward of the Premium Reward Track is the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit! This Outfit features an iconic Lady Gaga ensemble from her Chromatica Ball stadium tour, including a purple bodysuit designed by celebrity designer Nange Magro of Dead Lotus Couture. What you’re seeing is real:
This isn’t the only Gaga energy coming to Fortnite Festival. Get ready to fight for Chromatica with the Chromatica Guitar! And if you want your bandmates to all just dance, unlock the Chromatica Keytar.
While rising to glory all the way to Lady Gaga, unlock four Jam Tracks in the Premium Reward Track:
There’s a lot more to celebrate. If you’re in the festive-al spirit, the Premium Reward Track also includes the Aurora Aura and Gaga items like the The Gaga Collection Loading ScreenKindness Punk Emote, and Electric Sine Back Bling!
Please note! The Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass’ free reward track items and Premium Reward Track items are not exclusive to Unlock Your Talent, and they may become purchasable in the Shop at a later date.
Created by celebrity designer Cecilio Castrillo, Lady Gaga’s full black leather bodysuit played a key role in her fight for Chromatica. This is the look of the Chromatica Armor Outfit, which will be in the Shop alongside the Chromatica BassChromatica Mic“Stupid Love” Jam Track, and Rain Check Emote. All of these will be in the Shop ‘til the end of Season 2!
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