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Unlock your Talent in Fortnite Festival Season Two.
Fortnite Festival Season Two is here with Lady Gaga as the headliner and a new Unlock Your Talent reward track filled with enough goodies to make any budding popstar sing.
As you can guess, this event brings forth a bunch of Lady Gaga themed Fortnite rewards including a stellar new outfit, snazzy emotes and simply superb jam tracks to accompany your battle royale adventures.
Without further ado, we’re here to explain the Lady Gaga Fortnite even challenges and rewards, as well as the event end date too.
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To find the Lady Gaga event in Fortnite you need to make sure you’ve selected the Festival Main stage game mode. You can’t access the event or complete any of its challenges in the other modes, but many of the rewards can be used across the rest of Fortnite.
Throughout Fortnite Festival Season Two, the Lady Gaga event, the artist is the headliner and several of their hit songs will be playable as Jam Tracks until the event closes.
These are all of the Lady Gaga songs available to play throughout the event:
There are several sets of challenges for you to complete in the Lady Gaga event in Fortnite. Each time you complete a task in one of the challenge sets you’ll be rewarded with Festival Points that can be spent on cosmetic rewards in whichever reward chain you choose.
Here’s a brief breakdown of the reward sets for the event:
Remember, everything listed above can only be accessed and completed through Fortnite Festival.
Here are all of the Fortnite Lady Gaga event rewards for the basic reward track, including how many Festival Points they cost and which game modes they’re compatible with.
Here are all of the Fortnite Lady Gaga event premium rewards. To get these, you will need to purchase the premium reward track upgrade for 1,800 V-Bucks.
Once you’ve unlocked this reward path, you can earn rewards in the same way as the basic tier – by collecting Festival Points through completing the event challenges.
Fortnite Festival Season Two Unlock Your Talent, the Lady Gaga event, is due to end on Monday 22nd April, 2024.
Now all that’s left to do is Just Dance and listen to the Applause throughout this season of Fortnite Festival!
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