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Fortnite Festival has been a blast thus far, and fans worldwide are eager to see what Epic has released for Season 2 of Fortnite Festival.
Now, players are in store for some new tracks, alongside a brand new Lady Gaga skin.
Here’s what you need to know.

The brand new Fortnite Festival Season has released on February 21, 2024, and alongside the new content that we’re going to outline below, they’ve also added a brand new Festival pass.
The major highlight of the pass is the Lady Gaga skin, and players are stoked to obtain it.
Here’s all the patch notes.
Ready for your rise to glory? When you enter the Lobby of a Fortnite Festival experience (“Main Stage” or “Jam Stage”), go to Festival Pass in the top navigation. This is where you’ll find the Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass and a button to view Festival Quests!
Fortnite Festival Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass
Visualize a perfect streak then clash and bash your way through the Festival Pass. Completing Festival Quests will earn you Festival Points that push you along in the Pass! (More points equals more in-game rewards.)
Free Reward Track
As you’re proceeding in the Pass, keep driving the beat forward with the Woodworker Drums. This final reward of the free reward track is crafted with love and has a warm resonance!
Fortnite Festival The Woodworker Drums
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Festival Season without new Jam Tracks. Three new Jam Tracks are waiting to be unlocked in the free reward track:
“8-Bit Beat” and “Best Buds” existed previously in Fortnite as Lobby Tracks. Players who already had them in their Locker before Fortnite Festival Season 2 will receive a one-time V-Bucks refund for each one, equivalent to the amount they paid for it. They’ll also be granted the Jam Track version!
Fortnite Festival Free Reward Track Jam Tracks
If you’d rather wow with your style than with music alone, “blow” the minds of your bandmates with the Pop Off Aura or turn your Guitar into a spinstrument with the Strap Spin Emote.
Fortnite Pop Off Aura
Drummers deserve some showmanship too. When the set’s over, don’t forget to say goodbye with the Backbeat Bow Emote. Thank you and goodnight.
Fortnite Backbeat Bow Emote
The Strap Spin and Backbeat Bow Emotes are a new type of Emote. Equip these to express yourself with a certain kind of Instrument!
Premium Reward Track
This one’s for all the Little Monsters out there. For 1,800 V-Bucks, purchase the Premium Reward Track where a layer of Lady Gaga rewards await. As a bonus, you’ll instantly unlock the Glitch Groove Aura when you purchase the Premium Reward Track! This isn’t a glitch in the system.
Fortnite Glitch Groove Aura
The final reward of the Premium Reward Track is the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit! This Outfit features an iconic Lady Gaga ensemble from her Chromatica Ball stadium tour, including a purple bodysuit designed by celebrity designer Nange Magro of Dead Lotus Couture. What you’re seeing is real:
Fortnite Enigmatic Gaga Outfit
This isn’t the only Gaga energy coming to Fortnite Festival. Get ready to fight for Chromatica with the Chromatica Guitar! And if you want your bandmates to all just dance, unlock the Chromatica Keytar.
Fortnite Chromatica Guitar And Chromatica Keytar
While rising to glory all the way to Lady Gaga, unlock four Jam Tracks in the Premium Reward Track:
Fortnite Poker Face Jam Track
There’s a lot more to celebrate. If you’re in the festive-al spirit, the Premium Reward Track also includes the Aurora Aura and Gaga items like the The Gaga Collection Loading ScreenKindness Punk Emote, and Electric Sine Back Bling!
Created by celebrity designer Cecilio Castrillo, Lady Gaga’s full black leather bodysuit played a key role in her fight for Chromatica. This is the look of the Chromatica Armor Outfit, which will be in the Shop alongside the Chromatica BassChromatica Mic“Stupid Love” Jam Track, and Rain Check Emote. All of these will be in the Shop ‘til the end of Season 2!
Fortnite Chromatica Queen Gaga Outfit
February 22, 2024
February 21, 2024
February 20, 2024
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February 22, 2024
February 22, 2024
February 22, 2024
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