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Laura Masia
International Taylor Swift fans keeping a close eye on the star’s worldwide Eras Tour are losing their shit this week after blondie treated Melbourne fans to a very special performance that wasn’t afforded to her fans in previous gigs around the world.

Each time Miss Swift takes the stage for an Eras Tour gig, she performs one or two surprise songs acoustically outside of the setlist.
Speaking to Billboard back in March 2023 when the tour kicked off, Taylor said that the plan was to play a different song each night without any repetition.
“The plan, the goal, would be to play different songs every single night and never repeat one. Right?” she questioned.

“So that when you heard one on this tour, you would know it’s the only time that I was going to play it in the acoustic set, unless — caveat — unless I mess it up so badly that I have to do it over again in some other city. Send your best wishes towards me that I don’t do that.”
But now, it seems like the chairman of the Tortured Poet’s Department has changed her tune. At the second show in Melbourne, Taylor didn’t just perform one song from her extensive catalogue — she performed a mash-up of “Getaway Car”, “August” and “The Other Side Of The Door”.
Plus, she even shared some new goss about her upcoming album during the first Melbourne show. Talk about luck!
As the clips began circulating on TikTok, international fans became saltier than the rim of a margarita.
In some great news for Aussie Swifties — and the other countries still awaiting the Eras Tour — Taylor announced that she was removing her self-imposed song rules altogether.

“Moving forward I don’t wanna limit anything. I don’t want to say ‘Oh I’ve played that song before I can’t play it again’” she told a screaming audience in Melbourne on night three.
“I wanna be able to play songs more than once if I feel like it. I want to be able to make changes to songs and be creative. Does that sound okay? Because it sounds more fun to me so I’m glad you’re on board.”
So while the international Swifties are being butthurt little babies, I’m excited for the Swiftie community to enjoy a whole new world of mashups and creativity from our girl.

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