Who are some of the Kansas City Chiefs’ most famous fans? – AS USA

The Kansas City Chiefs have been serious Super Bowl contenders for years, and on Sunday, Feb. 11, they will be making their sixth appearance to fight for the Lombardi trophy.
Their continued success has earned them the admiration and loyalty of their supporters. The team has a very solid fan base, with their home Arrowhead Stadium recording the loudest cheers in NFL history.
Some of the Chiefs’ supporters attract as much attention as the team itself when they attend games, because Kansas City counts a lot of celebrities among their fans.
The most famous singer in the world is the newest addition to the Chiefs family of famous fans. Her relationship with Travis Kelce has catapulted her to be the team’s number-one fan at the moment. The singer just flew across the world to see her partner at the Super Bowl. Needless to say, she earned this spot.
The Ant-Man actor took up theater at the University of Kansas which explains his loyalty to the Chiefs, and has often been seen on the sidelines cheering for them. Rudd even went on the field to celebrate with Patrick Mahomes when the team won Super Bowl LIV after beating the San Francisco 49ers in Feb. 2020.
The British star of The Witcher became a fan of the NFL when he lived in the United States. The Superman actor then realized he needed to pick a team to cheer for, and he decided on the Chiefs based on a famous role that he played.
Rock star Melissa Etheridge has sung the national anthem at the start of some games at Arrowhead, and makes it a point not miss any Chiefs matchups. She even composed a song in honor of the team.
Pretty amazing Chiefs song from superfan Melissa Etheridge on @dpshow pic.twitter.com/zbxAxciD0f
Brad Pitt is known to be a fan of the New Orleans Saints, but he has also rooted for the Chiefs. His connection to the team is likely connected to his living in Missouri in his early youth.
When Kyli is the coolest person I know and THE ONE WHO GAVE BRAD PITT THE CHIEFS HAT!!!! ❤️💛❤️ RT so they can go to the super bowl together!!! #bradpitt #KansasCityChiefs pic.twitter.com/etBGxPcq4M
Emmy nominee John Amos actually signed up with the Kansas City Chiefs when it was still part of the American Football League, but coach Hank Stram reportedly told him that “You’re not a football player, you’re a man who is trying to play football”. He may not have had a chance to make a career on the field with the Chiefs, but he is often seen on the sidelines to cheer for them.
Football teams that John Amos (Coming to America’s Cleo McDowell) suited up for before becoming an actor:

Long Beach City College
University of Pacific
Denver Broncos
Canton Bulldogs
Kansas City Chiefs
Norfolk Neptunes
Wheeling Ironmen
Victoria Steelers
B.C. Lions pic.twitter.com/L5TbkwKPWy
Actor and comedian Rob Riggle has been a lifelong Chiefs fan, and is often seen egging on fans in the stadium. The Saturday Night Live alum has been putting on the same red KC shirt whenever he watches a game for the past seven years.
The Chiefs vs 49ers promises to be an exciting game that you will not want to miss. You can follow the game live with us. And be sure not to miss the Usher Half Time Show live with us as well. The 2024 Super Bowl will be one for the ages. Come joins us.
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