How Taylor Swift called Travis Kelce worried sick after the Chiefs parade shooting –

Taylor Swift was all the way in Australia when the news of the shooting broke
Taylor Swift hadn’t even been in Australia for 24 hours and she received some terrible news about the Kansas City Chiefs parade. Her boyfriend Travis Kelce spent the day celebrating with fans during the second consecutive Super Bowl champions parade. But tragedy struck the city of Kansas right after the celebrations ended. A shooting unleashed near Union Station and 22 people were shot. According to reports, one of these victims did lose her life. But when the newsbroke at first, everybody was trying to gather information as best they could. Getting to find out the truth would take at least a few hours. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift wanted to know how her boyfriend was doing amid all this chaos.
Swift found out about the shooting through social media and she immediately tried to call Travis Kelce. The folks at The Daily Mail wanted to ask how Taylor Swift is doing. They reportedly spoke to a source that is constantly close to the popstar. This is what they said about her reaction: “Taylor was extremely worried when she heard of the shooting, as expected. She got on the phone with Travis right away and was so incredibly relieved to hear his voice. She spoke to Brittany too and they were shaken up by this tragedy. She was heartbroken to hear of the death and she hopes her donation helps. She has so much love for the Kansas City community and is sending all her love and support.”
Fortunately, Taylor Swift reportedly had a chance to speak to Travis Kelce as well and confirmed he is okay. Everybody is still shaken up by the tragedy but both Kelce and the Mahomes family are unharmed. Unfortunately, local DJ by the name of Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed in the shooting. Out of the 22 people that were shot, about half of them were children. All of them should recover from their injuries. Swift is set to continue her Australia tour until February 26. After that, she will have another part of her tour in Singapore. During almost all of March, the popstar will rest until resuming her activities and prepare for a long European tour in the summer.
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