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Cardi B and Offset have spent all the major holidays together since announcing their split in December — and that includes the day made for lovers, Valentine’s Day.
TMZ spotted the pair dining at Carbone in Miami Beach on Wednesday (February 14), though Cardi tried to stay relatively low-key by covering her face with her phone upon exiting.
Prior to V Day, Cardi admitted she had some New Year’s Eve sex with the former Migos rapper because she just “needed some dick,” as well as Christmas — though that moment seemed more for the two children they share than their own reconciliation.
You can view video of the pair on their Valentine’s Day date below.

As of her NYE admittance, Cardi B was adamant she’d not gotten back together with Offset but rather was just satisfying her needs — but she did say she was open to working things out.
“Let me make this a little bit clearer to you guys because as y’all making your assumptions, I just wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth,” she began in a video.
“Was I clubbing with my baby father yesterday? Yes. Did I get dicked down yesterday? Absolutely baby. Y’all can use your roles on New Year’s Eve; I need some dick on New Year’s Eve. I feel like we was vibing yesterday, we had a good time.
“We was Henny’d down. We was both in the same club and it was just really awkward. Like, I’m in my section, he’s in his section. It’s like, ‘Man, just come over here, let’s just chill, we having a good time.'”
She continued: “But I feel at the point of where we at in our relationship, we’ve been together for seven years, we’ve been married for seven years. I don’t consider that we’re back together because the answer of getting back together is not a good night at the club and fucking the night long.
“We need to work on our shit, we need to work on our communication. There’s things that he gotta work on, there’s things that I gotta work on. Until we work that out, I don’t feel like we’re back together.”
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January 8, 2024
Their split hasn’t been entirely amicable as Cardi cursed out Offset during an emotional rant on Instagram Live shortly after her announcement of their split.
“It’s so fucking sad that a n-gga like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time, when I’m not the most confident,” she vented. “They like to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl. Yesterday, I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been this and that.
“He knows I’m in my house, he knows I’m not doing the most and I’ve really been sparing you. You’ve been fucking feeling yourself because of your album and shit and you’ve really been doing me dirty after so many fucking years that I helped your ass, not even a fucking thank you that I got.”
She added: “And it’s so crazy that I gotta go the fucking internet because whenever the fuck I tell you something, you don’t take shit seriously. And I’m so tired of it! I’m so fucking tired of this [expletives]!”
Thankfully, things have seemingly gone in a more positive direction since.
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