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One thing about Cardi B and Offset is clear; when it comes to gifting, they go all the way out and leave no stone unturned.
When the world first met Cardi B, she was the "regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx." Soon enough, she became a fan favorite on Love & HipHop Atlanta and brought the world to a standstill with her number one hit, "Bodak Yellow." Life had it that Cardi would find love in the arms of Migos rapper Offset, with whom she has one child, and another on the way.
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As fans of the couple, we have seen it all; the cheating rumors, the public apologies, a divorce scare, and grand shows of love. One thing about Cardi B and Offset is clear; when it comes to gifting, they go all the way out and leave no stone unturned. These are but a few of the gifts they have bought each other in recent years:
When it comes to gifting in the Cardi-B-Offset household, the man started it all. Back in July 2017, when Cardi B and Offset were only rumored to be dating, Offset gifted Cardi B a chain valued at $60,000. The chain was custom-made and pieced together by jeweler Elliot Avianne. Also included in the chain was a Cardi-B-like hand with rings on every finger, red polish, and a red bandana to boot.
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2018 wasn’t so good a year for Cardi B and Offset, since it was the year they split, although Offset’s cheating rumors date all the way back to 2017 when a model identified as Celine Powell said she was carrying Offset’s child. This time, however, Offset was trying to win Cardi back and a couple of Birkin bags did the trick. Offset also got Cardi a set of jewelry. Collectively, his apology gift was estimated to be worth $231,000.
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When it comes to jewelry, jeweler Elliot Avianne is a favorite amongst Offset and other members of Migos, Takeoff and Quavo. In Valentine of 2018, Cardi B knew who to turn to when it came to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Named off of the Migos track ‘Bando’, Offset's chain’s pendant resembled a house and included an open door. Offset revealed that it cost Cardi B $250,000.
Cardi B, just like Offset, has no reason to worry during her birthday, as the rapper got her covered. When Cardi turned 27, Offset had the perfect gift in mind: a sparkly titanic diamond ring. The ring bears a strong resemblance to the Heart of the ocean from the Titanic movie, hence its name. The 100-carat heart-shaped ring was estimated to be worth $1,000,000.
Offset has every reason to smile on his birthday, and, on his 26th birthday, he just happened to have been with Cardi, with whom he was engaged at the time. While wedding bells were looming, Cardi B showed out on Offset’s 26th birthday by gifting him a Rolls Royce Wraith. The rapper shared videos of him reacting to Cardi’s gift while some of their friends were present, all while showering her with tons of kisses.
You can trust Cardi to always go all out when she gifts her man, especially on his birthday. Back in 2019, the ‘Bodak Yellow' singer went out of her way to give her man, not $1,000 but a whole $500,000 in cash, when the ‘Bad and Boujee’ rapper turned 28. In the video, shared on Instagram, Cardi was heard saying, “ That’s $500,000 dollars,” as Offset retrieved the stacks of notes from a white refrigerator. Cardi also lovingly suggested the different ways Offset could spend the money. “ You could buy a car. You could buy clothes. You could buy more jewelry.” She said.
Normally, the man buys a ring and proposes to his wife to be. That is exactly what happened between Cardi B and Offset. However, Cardi, being just as affluent, opted to return the favor and got Offset an engagement ring estimated to be worth $750,000. Offset, at an interview, flaunted Cardi’s ring and didn’t mind that it looked a little too feminine.
On Offset’s 29th birthday, he was treated to a beautiful, private birthday ceremony. The end of the night was marked by a surprise by Cardi, who gifted him a rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Offset was beyond excited. He posted the moment on his Instagram, captioning it, “ SVJ MY BODY. Thank you bae @iamcardib.”
It only happens once a year, and Cardi B, being a first-time mum, had to have a special first Mother’s Day. Offset went on a roll, gifting Cardi B a Rolex and a couple of designer handbags. Cardi did not get one, but two Hermes Birkin bags estimated to have cost at least $12,000 each. Cardi also got a diamond-encrusted watch and a set of floral arrangements enough to fill a small garden.
One does not make a song about ‘bloody shoes’ and simply not get them as presents. Cardi B, who has a love so strong for Christian Louboutin’s signature shoes has received a number of them in the past. On Christmas of 2018, Cardi received a set of seven pairs of shoes, one for every day of the week, in different colors. All of them red bottoms, just as Cardi B loves them.
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