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When I couldn’t make it to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert, I sobbed. I legitimately cried until my makeup ran off my face. I’ve been such a huge fan of hers that I can’t even pinpoint my obsession because it’s been literal years! I stalked ticket websites for weeks for available and reasonably priced concert tickets and asked around about people who could be selling, to still come up empty-handed.
I was so desperate that I refused to accept that there might be a chance I wouldn’t be able to jam out for three hours straight and scream-sing at all my favorite classics. I say “might” because “never” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, not when it comes to Taylor Swift. 
I enjoy living my life like a fortune cookie, believing that everything happens for a reason, but even my positive affirmations couldn’t seem to help me with this one. That is, until my usual perusal of social media led me to the jaw-dropping realization that The Eras Tour film would be released in theaters two days before my birthday!
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These reels would play rent-free in my head, still processing the fact that I might not have to be so delusional anymore in my ways of attempting to get a concert ticket. The Eras Tour movie may not be as great of an experience as watching the concert live in its rawest moments, but hey, I still got to enjoy what the concert has to offer! One of my best friends and I ran to watch it as soon as possible, hoping the movie would live up to everything we thought it would be and more.
News flash: it did! We laughed, we danced, we cried, and we sang until our lungs gave out. It was the most surreal theater experience I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve never loved Taylor Swift more than in that moment. It was all I talked about for days, to the point that I was even getting shushed here and there for being so loud about it. As I should, right?
NGL, I was left feeling a bit empty after that. I was looking forward to it for weeks, and finally getting to see the movie was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. But after that, then what? This was the first and last time I would see such a masterpiece… or so I thought.
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Lo and behold, The Eras Tour film became available to rent on Swift’s birthday in the U.S., in good ‘ol Taylor Swift fashion. Of course, that meant that I rushed home after a long day of classes to relive my first watch. But finally, Swift announced through an Instagram post on that the filmed concert is now going to be available for streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting on March 15.
The available version will allow all viewers to watch Swift perform “Cardigan” from her Folklore album, and four additional surprise acoustic songs will be added. I’m most excited about this version of the film; I have the biggest soft spot for Folklore and its heartbreaking love triangle.
This is very refreshing to see, as the version in theaters did remove several songs from her original setlist. The film was recorded at her first three shows on her tour in Los Angeles, CA. From Aug. 3 through 5, it was three straight days of filming the performance we’ve all come to know and love!
Disney+ is no stranger to streaming Taylor Swift on the platform, as her documentary performance film Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions was released on the platform in 2020. As if fans weren’t impressed enough by her already, Swift is also set to direct a feature film in a deal with Disney’s Searchlight Pictures, following her original script, but those details are kept very hush-hush for now.
The immense success that Taylor Swift has gotten over the past few years is beyond admirable as she continues to make strides in the music industry. From winning another Grammy award to the announcement of her new album coming out in April, the release of The Eras Tour film on Disney+ will add to the extensive list of her most impressive accomplishments!
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