Lady Gaga on her love of Alfred Hitchcock: “I would have been one of Hitchcock's groupies” – Far Out Magazine

Lady Gaga played the long game. From 2000s chart sensation to Academy Award-nominee, Stefani Germanotta has come to dominate the twin industries of music and film, rising to the top of both through a combination of raw talent and hard graft. A strain of darkness runs throughout all her projects, so it comes as no surprise to learn that she’s obsessed with the films of Alfred Hitchcock.
Gaga burst onto the scene in 2008, rising to the top of the charts with her The Fame single ‘Just Dance’. Since then, she’s released seven studio albums and won no fewer than 13 Grammys. She’s also found the time to release two jazz albums with Tony Bennet and forge a career as a respected actress. Gaga won a Golden Globe for her performance as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel and was nominated for the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar for her role in House of Gucci, two roles that saw her evoke the malevolence of a true gothic villainess.
Back in 2015, Gaga discussed her love of horror during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I love scary things,” she began. “It’s very strange – dangerous things and horror relax me. It freaks out my friends a lot. It particularly freaks out my fiancee. Like, I’ll be at home and I’ll watch a tonne of Dateline, Snapped...or some slasher film where someone’s heads getting decapitated.”
Later in the interview, while discussing her work with American Horror Story director Ryan Murphy, Gaga said: “I imagine I would have been one of Hitchcock’s groupies. I just love [horror] so much. I find it so interesting, you know, the dichotomy between sex and horror at the same time – there’s something really fascinating about that.” Gaga actually makes reference to three of Hitchcock’s most revered films in her song ‘Bad Romance’, in which she sings the line: “I want your Psycho, your Vertigo shtick. Want you in my Rear Window baby you’re sick.”
Hitchcock’s movies also influenced Gaga’s approach to her Countess character in American Horror Story: Hotel. “Once you watch these films horror films and start to become acquainted with, you know, the way that serial killers operate, you start to realise that there’s such a conviction about them. And so that’s what I focused on with the character. I’m so immune to things being scary that it’s easy to do scenes every day.” Check out a clip of Gaga in American Horror Story below.



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