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Cardi B is undoubtedly one of the most prominent figures in the music industry today. Known for her unapologetic personality and chart-topping hits, Cardi B has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment world. With her immense success, fans and critics alike are often curious about her net worth and what the future holds for her. In this article, we will delve into Cardi B’s projected net worth for 2024 according to Forbes, along with some interesting facts about her life and career.
1. Cardi B’s Current Net Worth
As of 2021, Cardi B’s net worth is estimated to be around $24 million, according to Forbes. However, with her continuous rise to fame and numerous successful ventures, her net worth is projected to reach new heights by 2024.
2. Cardi B’s Rise to Stardom
Born on October 11, 1992, as Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, Cardi B grew up in the Bronx, New York. She first gained attention through her social media presence and captivating personality on platforms like Vine and Instagram. Eventually, this led to her breakthrough in the music industry with her debut single “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
3. Record-Breaking Achievements
Cardi B has achieved numerous feats throughout her career. She became the first female rapper to have multiple number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 with her singles “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” and “WAP.” Additionally, she has received several prestigious awards, including Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards.
4. Business Ventures
Apart from her music career, Cardi B has dabbled in various business ventures. She has collaborated with major brands like Fashion Nova and Reebok, releasing successful clothing lines and footwear collections. These partnerships have not only bolstered her net worth but solidified her status as a fashion icon.
5. Acting Career
Cardi B has also made her mark in the acting world. She made her film debut in the critically acclaimed movie “Hustlers” in 2019, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. Her performance garnered praise from both audiences and critics, showcasing her versatility as an entertainer.
6. Personal Life
Cardi B’s personal life has been a subject of interest among her fans. She married fellow rapper Offset of the hip-hop trio Migos in 2017, and they share a daughter named Kulture Kiari Cephus, born in 2018. The couple has had their fair share of ups and downs but has managed to work through their differences and maintain a strong relationship.
7. Cardi B’s Net Worth in 2024
Given Cardi B’s continuous success and her diverse range of ventures, her net worth is expected to soar even higher by 2024. According to projections by Forbes, her net worth is estimated to reach an impressive $50 million or more by that time. This growth can be attributed to her thriving music career, lucrative brand partnerships, and expanding ventures in various industries.
Now, let’s answer some common questions about Cardi B:
1. How old is Cardi B?
Cardi B was born on October 11, 1992. As of 2024, she will be 31 years old.
2. How tall is Cardi B?
Cardi B stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall.
3. What is Cardi B’s weight?
Cardi B’s weight fluctuates, but as of 2021, she reportedly weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg).
4. Is Cardi B still married to Offset?
As of 2021, Cardi B and Offset are still together and working on their marriage.
5. How many Grammy Awards has Cardi B won?
Cardi B has won a total of two Grammy Awards, both in the Best Rap Album category for her albums “Invasion of Privacy” and “Fever.”
6. What is Cardi B’s real name?
Cardi B’s real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.
7. What is Cardi B’s most popular song?
One of Cardi B’s most popular songs is “Bodak Yellow,” which propelled her to mainstream success.
8. Does Cardi B have any siblings?
Cardi B has a sister named Hennessy Carolina, who is also well-known on social media.
9. Where is Cardi B from?
Cardi B is from the Bronx, New York.
10. What is Cardi B’s ethnicity?
Cardi B is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent.
11. How did Cardi B get her stage name?
Her stage name “Cardi B” is a reference to her nickname “Bacardi,” which was later shortened.
12. Does Cardi B write her own songs?
Yes, Cardi B is known for co-writing her songs and being actively involved in the creative process.
13. Has Cardi B acted in any movies besides “Hustlers”?
As of 2021, Cardi B’s acting credits primarily include her role in “Hustlers.” However, she may pursue more acting opportunities in the future.
14. What are Cardi B’s future plans?
Cardi B has expressed her desire to continue making music, expanding her business ventures, and exploring further opportunities in acting and fashion.
In summary, Cardi B’s net worth is expected to reach new heights by 2024, surpassing her already impressive fortune. With her undeniable talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination, Cardi B is poised to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry for years to come.

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