Disney rumor suggests they made a historical $75M bid, all for Taylor Swift – Sportskeeda

Disney has bought the rights to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert film, which will be available on the streamer for subscribers starting March 15, 2024. Rumors are rife about the deal costing Disney $75 million. Moreover, there were whispers about other contenders, particularly Netflix, losing out on the deal. While the release of the Eras Tour movie on Disney+ is already being promoted, the massive amount of the deal has not been disclosed officially.
Swift had arranged to have her Eras Tour recorded to be brought as a concert movie for fans on her birthday on December 13, 2023. Her initial agreement for a theatrical release with AMC was for four weeks, which was extended to almost 13 weeks due to a huge demand. The theatrical release did not have many songs that will be included in the version to be streamed on Disney+.
Rumors have it that while Netflix is doing much better than its streaming rival in the matter of popularity of content and number of eyeballs, Disney has lent a blow to Netflix over the deal to acquire Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie.
The movie will be exclusively streamed on Disney+ as the singing sensation sold the streaming rights to the Mickey Mouse company. While all parties are tight-lipped about the amount of the deal, Variety has put a number on it. The media house credits the information to Puck News.
Fans have reacted with surprise as few Swifties had an idea that Disney+ would get involved. Many fans on X (formerly Twitter) have urged others to boycott Disney over political stands.
The Eras Tour concert film is a recorded version of Taylor Swift’s concerts across the ongoing stadium tour she undertook recently. The three-hour-long film has a compilation of the hits delivered in her live shows during the tour. The movie has already enjoyed a theatrical release.
The Disney+ version of the Eras Tour movie will have some additional songs of the star that were cut out of the theatrical release. This includes Taylor Swift’s performance of Cardigan. The streaming version will also have four acoustic songs not included in the previous version.
The previously unused acoustic songs to be included in the upcoming movie for Disney+ are Maroon, I Can See You, Death by a Thousand Cuts, and You Are in Love. Taylor Swift recorded six acoustic songs during filming, of which Our Song and You Are On Your Own, Kid are already included in the original version of the concert movie.
However, some of her hits, such as No Body No Crime, The Archer, Wildest Dreams, and Long Live, will not be part of the version to be aired on Disney+.
Fans interested in streaming Eras Tour concert movie can do so on Disney+ when it lands on the streaming giant. Taylor Swift fans who want to catch it on the streamer need to subscribe since the company recently announced its crackdown on account sharing. They are looking to have password-sharing prohibitions and additional fees to add members.
Fans who do not want to wait for the streaming platform to air the movie can rent or buy the movie on Vudu, Google Play, YouTube TV, Apple TV, SkyTV, Prime Video, and Xfinity. While there is a window of only 48 hours to access the movie on these platforms, there are App options for a seamless viewing experience.
Disney+ subscribers can watch out for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie to arrive on the platform on March 15, 2024.
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