Cardi B Wonders Why Men Misuse Duck Plump Lip Gloss in NYX Cosmetics 2024 Super Bowl Commercial – XXLMAG.COM

Cardi B wonders why men are misusing the Duck Plump lip gloss in NYX Cosmetics' hilarious 2024 Super Bowl commercial.
On Saturday (Feb. 10), NYX Cosmetics posted on their YouTube channel their uncut version of their 2024 Super Bowl commercial. In the ad titled "Lips Only," pitchwoman Cardi B takes center stage to introduce Duck Plump, a plumping lip gloss from the beauty brand.
The commercial, which can be viewed below, begins with Cardi dancing and purring alongside several duck-billed backup dancers and giant phallic-shaped props. "Be bigger. So Big. Plumper. Feel the plumping power," the Bronx rapper coos why applying the lip gloss.
The vid cuts away to a fake breaking news report on injured men who thought the Duck Plump lip gloss could be used to enhance their private parts. For the record, it only works on lips.
"They put it where, why?" Cardi B questions.
On Feb. 2, Starry premiered their 2024 Super Bowl ad featuring fellow Bronx baddie Ice Spice. The video stars Ice surrounded by two animated mascots—a lemon and a lime—enjoying themselves at a popping club. Unexpectedly, her ex-boyfriend disrupts their fun by approaching them.
"I just needed something more refreshing, more crisp and more starryer," Ice tells him in the commercial below.
The guy then expresses his love for Ice Spice before his head explodes in a carbonated geyser.
The ad will make its official appearance during the Super Bowl matchup, also marking Ice Spice's first soda brand alliance.
Watch Cardi B wonder why men are misusing the Duck Plump lip gloss in NYX cosmetics' Super Bowl ad below.



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