Cardi B Dishes on New Super Bowl Ad With NYX, Why She’s Excited for Usher’s Halftime and New Music in 2024 – Hollywood Reporter

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THR was exclusively on set for Cardi B’s “Duck Plump” Commercial with NYX, where the artist also spilled her thoughts on the current state of hip-hop and the NFL’s new darling couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.
By Lesley Corral
Cardi B is starring in her third commercial ever for the Super Bowl and says she’s back in her element. She delivered her signature “Okurrr” in a Pepsi ad in 2019 and shared a love meal for a McDonald’s ad in 2023 – now, she’s flaunting shiny lips in a commercial for NYX Cosmetics.
The Hollywood Reporter was exclusively on set of Cardi’s “Duck Plump” commercial, which features brightly colored dancing ducks alongside the hip-hop star at center stage of an ad that leads to mass confusion among men who misunderstand where the product is supposed to go.

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Cardi told THR that she loved that the idea behind the commercial poked fun at men.
Although Cardi admits she’s not a huge football fan herself, she says she’ll definitely be watching the game this year because her 2-year-old son, Wave, loves the sport. Cardi, who shares Wave and daughter Kulture, 5, with rapper Offset, says her kids get geeked up when they see her on TV and will be excited when they see her new ad.
One thing Cardi is especially looking forward to during the big game is Usher’s Halftime Performance. She said Usher deserves this: “I’m not going to say [it’s way overdue] because everything is always on great timing. He came right on time and I’m so excited. He has come back stronger than ever and boom.”
Cardi also said, “My choreographer has worked with Usher before and he said that he is very strict [and] takes his routine seriously, and that’s why I feel like his shows are so amazing.”
Cardi is also rooting for another singer that is sure to be spotted at the big game – Taylor Swift. Cardi said that she thinks Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is cute, and that Taylor looks really happy. “I feel like she’s really private with her relationships, so I really feel like she likes him a lot because she’s like ‘I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to kiss him, I’m going to touch him. I’m going to kiss him! Yeah, I’m here. Yeah, I’m taking a jet to see my man.’” Cardi said playfully.
Cardi still has her fun sense of humor, but says 2024 will see a different Cardi B – one that is more confident and free. “People keep saying like, ‘Oh, the state of hip-hop is bad right now, blah, blah, blah.’ I don’t think it is bad right now,” she said. “I just feel like people just don’t know what they want. I feel like social media is running too much, so I just feel like just keep doing you, fuck what people got to say.”

Cardi also said she doubts that we’ll ever see striking in the music industry because, “it’s so competitive and it’s like sometimes people are afraid to not put nothing out because it’s like, okay, if you ain’t going to put nothing out, I’m going to put something out.”
Cardi, who’s had roles in Hustlers and F9, says she sees more acting in her future, however her top goal for 2024 is to put out new music. She is eager to put out a new album, which would be her first since her Grammy-winning Invasion of Privacy in 2018. She wants to release music back-to-back. “Nothing is stopping me and yeah, I’m ready to put something out there like, fuck it here, take it. Take my coochie!”
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