‘Having Beyoncé, Cardi B Don My Designs Is A Thrilling Sense Of Accomplishment’: Gaurav Gupta – Free Press Journal

Gaurav Gupta, a maverick of the fashion scene, presented his latest collection, Aarohanam, recently at the prestigious Paris Couture Week. The designer who has carved a niche for himself with his signature sculpting technique has put India on a global map with his couture worn by international icons such as Beyoncé and Cardi B.
Shedding light on his collection Aarohanam showcased at PCW, Gaurav says, “It epitomises a transcendent odyssey from the mundane to the sublime, seamlessly blending spirituality with avant-garde design. Rooted in the profound concept of ascension, it mirrors the symbolic rebirth and renewal akin to a snake shedding its old skin. Kundalini’s transformative power takes centre stage, unravelling a higher state of consciousness. The flame, a metaphor for ascension, paints a vivid spectrum from the abyss of black to the warmth of Agni orange, reflective sand, and the boundless ether blue. Silhouettes emulate the flickering dance of a rising flame, with sculpted structures and indigenous techniques elevating fabrics to couture art. Aarohanam, a serpentine journey beyond the horizon, stands as a testament to pushing the boundaries — from electricity to light, from obscurity to enlightenment.”
Gaurav strategically made use of body plates or metal pieces to bring the ‘serpentine’ effect to his collection. He elaborates, “It was instrumental in symbolising the transformative journey of ascension. These elements added strength and fluidity, visually representing the sinuous movement of a serpent shedding old layers. The tactile and symbolic connection created by these materials enhanced the overall narrative of rebirth, contributing to the surreal and captivating atmosphere of the collection.”
The fashion mogul asserts that his design journey is a homage to his Indian roots, which is evident in the profound themes and collection names. His latest one for example is inspired by the Vedas and concepts like kundalini. He explains, “My designs seamlessly marry tradition with modern expression. Techniques like Badla, Mukaish, and Zardozi not only celebrate India’s artisanal heritage but also create a visual narrative that elegantly spans the realms of past and present. It’s not just fashion; it’s a chic conversation between tradition and the cutting edge.”
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Recalling his journey in the fashion industry, Gaurav describes it as a “rollercoaster, navigating through lows like market flux and creative blocks”. When asked how he has triumphed over the lows and embraced the highs, he answers, “Sticking to my vision, learning from setbacks, and evolving with the industry. The highs — a result of dedication, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. Success is about staying humble, crediting the team, and turning triumphs into fresh inspiration. It’s a cool cocktail of perseverance, creativity, and adaptability that defines my industry ascent.”
Gaurav is one of the few designers who have put India on a global fashion stage. His creations have been donned by international stars such as Beyoncé and Cardi B to name a few. Weighing on the same, he says, “Watching my designs resonate worldwide is like unleashing a cultural wave on the fashion scene. Couture goes beyond just fabric, it’s a language breaking boundaries. This acknowledgment fuels my drive to keep crafting designs that effortlessly transcend borders and embrace the beauty of diversity. Having style icons like Beyoncé or Cardi B don my designs is a thrilling sense of accomplishment. Seeing my work on these influential figures highlights the power of fashion as a storytelling medium with universal appeal.”
Sharing his take on the current state of the fashion industry, Gaurav maintains, “It’s all about innovation and inclusivity. We ride that wave, breaking away from the norms and owning the digital game to give emerging talents a global stage. Staying on the cutting edge of creativity and tech — that’s our vibe. The lines between pret-a-porter and couture are hazy now. Traditional boundaries have melted away as designers infuse couture flair into ready-to-wear collections.”
Deepika Padukone |
On a closing note, Gaurav crowns actor Deepika Padukone as his favourite muse in Bollywood. “Her grace, versatility, and avant-garde fashion choices perfectly embody the essence of my designs. Whether in traditional ensembles or embracing contemporary trends, Deepika’s style exudes sophistication with a modern twist,” he concludes.



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