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The latter has been feuding with Cardi since 2017, but according to Woo, this was a strategic plan from KSR from the beginning.
Cardi B’s fans were relieved and delighted to hear that, after an intense two-year legal battle, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had settled her two-year lawsuit with her former manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, who had sued his ex-client for “freezing” him out of her career right as her career took off.
In court documents, Shaft takes credit for propelling Cardi to become the rapper she is today. Not only that, but he also asserted that he discovered the former Love & Hip Hop New York star and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to kick off her music career — but once things began skyrocketing for Cardi, she was nowhere to be found.
Without Shaft’s consent, the soon-to-be mother of two left KSR Group and signed a deal with Solid Foundation; the artist management firm of Quality Control, which was a complete violation against the contract she had signed.
Subsequently, this whole ordeal led to Cardi’s funds being frozen, meaning that all of the royalties she was entitled to between mid-2018 up until the end of 2020 had been seized until the case had concluded. Though fans are aware the legal drama has since been resolved, it was only in July 2021 when word got out on how much the New Yorker had to pay her former manager to settle out of court.
While Cardi B probably didn’t want people knowing the amount she had to spend in order to make the lawsuit with Shaft disappear, according to a vote note obtained by YouTube news correspondent Unwine With Tasha K, the “Wish Wish” hitmaker paid $11 million to settle the case.
Tasha K received the voice note from Jessica Fyre — better known as Jessie Woo — who was caught up in controversy in June 2021 when she claimed that people tied to KSR made it their mission to take down the careers of many artists in the industry, including Nicki Minaj.
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The latter has been feuding with Cardi since 2017, but according to Woo, this was a strategic plan from KSR from the beginning.
“I met someone that was on Cardi’s team, back in 2017, and they literally told me, this is something that was told to me, that yeah, like, ‘Putting Cardi out, our goal was to knock Nicki out,’” Woo explained on her social media.
“And that was the first time I heard that topic. Then, not too long later, the whole Nicki and Cardi thing happened. … I remember just thinking to myself, yo, so-and-so told me this is what they were trying to do.”
When Cardi heard about the remarks made by Woo, she reached out to her by sending her a voice note via Instagram DMs, where she let it slip she spent $11 million to end her lawsuit with Shaft while ranting why her name is still being brought up in drama concerning Minaj.
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Cardi then followed up with a public response in the comment section of an Instagram post that had reported Woo’s claims about the “Please Me” chart-topper.
“If anybody ever told you that about another woman then why would you go and sign with them as well?
“No matter how stressful my 3 years of litigation when with my old managers was I know he will never say that since he a Queens nikka and the last thing in our head was another woman when we was just trying to make it which we did. And yes I got the dms!”
Cardi has strongly denied that her feud with Minaj was planned by her or her former team, insisting that whatever transpired between the two was not because of other people’s involvement.
In September 2018, Cardi said she lost her cool at Harper’s Bazaar Icons party in New York after running into Minaj, who she accused of saying some not-so-nice things about her daughter, Kulture, on social media.
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Minaj strongly denied having ever spoken about another person’s child, but Cardi didn’t want to hear any of it. She attempted to launch herself at her nemesis before leaving the event with a huge bump on her forehead after receiving multiple punches to the head by former Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali.
The year prior, when Minaj was featured on Migos’ “Motorsport,” along with Cardi, it was claimed that the latter had “forced” the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap to change her verse because she felt as if Minaj was subliminally shading her with some of the things she was rapping about on the track.
While Minaj remained in denial on ever throwing any sort of shots at Cardi, she agreed to rewrite the verse in Cardi’s favor.
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