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Hey, with all the crazy news coming out of Oklahoma City – like State Superintendent Ryan Walters trying to take back bonus money that he gave to teachers – we could all use a little break from reality. In a few short days, our collective hearts will turn to romance. No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day. I’m referring to the day that T. Swift’s boyfriend’s football team plays that other team. How many times will the camera focus on Taylor cheering for him as he does whatever it is he does?
Anyway….as I prepare for watching, I did a little research. No, not on football. On snacks. I wondered what type of Taylor-inspired snack I could create that kids would like. I was hoping her favorite food wouldn’t be something like escargot. I got lucky. Do you know what Taylor Swift’s favorite snack is? (If you can believe Mr. Google). It’s chicken tenders! Wow. This is almost too easy. That’s almost every kid’s favorite food, too!
So, here’s a recipe that I came up with that uses frozen chicken tenders as the main ingredient. I also incorporated one of America’s favorite foods – Ranch dressing. This would be a great snack to serve while watching Taylor’s boyfriend play football, or it’s simple enough to serve any time.
Here’s my recipe:
The amount of ingredients you use depends on how many roll-ups you’re making. Plan on using two chicken strips for each flatbread, so if you have 3 flatbreads, you’ll want to cook 6 chicken strips.
Cook chicken strips according to package directions. Mix cream cheese with about 4 oz. of Ranch dressing, or to taste. Mix in shredded cheddar cheese. Spread mixture over each flatbread. Lay two chicken strips across the narrow end or top of the flatbread. Add lettuce leaves and/or veggies over cream cheese mixture. Roll flatbread, starting with the end with the chicken. Secure with decorative toothpicks. Cut into 1” – 1 ½” slices. Arrange on a platter.
Enjoy watching Taylor’s boyfriend throw her air kisses every time he scores. Is he one of those guys who makes touchdowns? Watch Taylor cover her eyes when he’s tackled. I hope she doesn’t get stuck in Tokyo after her concert the night before. You could make this into a great geography and math lesson for your kids. Have them look up the location of the game and Japan. Talk about the time difference. Have them calculate the flying time. Can she make it?
What are your favorite football game watching snacks?
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Betty Casey has been editor of TulsaKids for over 20 years – her youngest child was 3-years-old when she started working for the magazine. She and her husband Wes have three adult children. Betty’s blog ranges from writing about current issues or information of interest to local parents, reflecting on her life without kids at home, and posting a few recipes now and then. (Cooking and running are two or her favorite past-times.) Betty is the author/illustrator of three children’s books, “May Finds Her Way,” “That is a Hat” and “The Prince of the Prairie” (The RoadRunner Press). She was named Blogger of the Year in 2014 by The Great Plains Journalism Awards, was a finalist in 2015 and won again in 2016. In 2017, she was named the News Blogger of the Year. She has also won numerous writing awards from the Parenting Media Association.
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