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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce talk about their love of the sports game.
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Travis Kelce might be busy dating pop superstar Taylor Swift and preparing to play in the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs, but he’s also interested in helping to revive the Backyard Sports franchise, spearheaded by his brother and fellow NFL star Jason Kelce.
Chatting on their podcast New Heights, Travis Kelce asked his brother if he remembered Backyard Football on the PC–part of a sports franchise that started in 1997 with Backyard Baseball. Jason Kelce, (possibly former) center for the Philadelphia Eagles, replied that he not only recalls the game, but wants to bring it back.
“I don’t know if I even want to mention this, because I’ve secretly been looking into seeing if anybody holds the rights to Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball,” Jason Kelce said. “I want to buy it and get this thing going again. That was the best thing ever.”
If anyone knows who has the rights to the backyard sports franchise please hit us up đź‘€pic.twitter.com/hwZ3WxNt74
Backyard Football debuted in 1999 on PC with San Francisco quarterback Steve Young as the cover athlete. The last entry for the football series in the Backyard franchise was Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush in 2010.
Jason Kelce seems interested in reviving the sports game for smartphones. He asked his brother: “Can you imagine playing Backyard Football right now on your phone?” Travis Kelce agreed with this direction, mentioning that the game wasn’t complicated.
Funnily enough, Backyard Sports: Baseball 2015 and Backyard Sports: Basketball 2015 were designed for smartphones and also served as the last installments in the Backyard franchise. However, neither was based on football like what the Kelce brothers have in mind.
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