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Cardi B has had a lot of success as a rapper but fans still think she’s humble, even with a huge net worth.
Cardi B has had a lot of success as a rapper and that success had paid off in a lot of money. She currently has a net worth around $30 million which she earned through her music career and album sales. Cardi B has also become a popular figure in pop culture and has gained A-list celebrity status through her candid personality, political endeavors, and her sense of humor.
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Cardi B hasn't been shy about her wealth and money since she acquired it. She and her husband, fellow rapper Offset, love to lavish each other with expensive gifts. They do the same for their kids and document it on social media for all to see; Offset has a total of six children, including the couple's newest arrival, though the first four were with other women.
Cardi B has very loyal fans and many believe that despite her massive success, she has remained humble and aware of her good fortune, despite the impressively expensive gifts to her man and kids.
Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar was born in Washington Heights in Manhattan on October 11, 1992, but was raised in The Bronx. Her parents are Trinidadian and Dominican. She was raised with little money and spent a lot of time with her grandmother because her parents worked so much.
She did get involved in some trouble like many kids in her situation. She became a member of a gang when she was just 16, but she also began rapping and creating music after coming up with a unique stage name. Cardi B began stripping in her late teens and was able to get herself financially independent of her parents at 19 years old because of it.
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According to her, stripping was one of the best things that ever happened to her. Becoming a stripper allowed her to pay for school after having dropped out. The gig also helped her to escape a dangerous and abusive relationship. This was also when she started rapping more and getting on stage more.
Cardi B was getting attention on Instagram and Vine. She was noticed by someone because she was soon was cast on VH1's Love and Hip Hop: New York. Cardi B left that show to pursue music, and it really worked out for her.
Her hit song "Bodak Yellow" climbed the charts and broke records, which led to plenty of collaborations and other hits.
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Despite her next-level fame and money, Cardi B hasn't changed and hasn't forgotten what it's like to struggle with money. She gives back to her community and even paid for the funerals of all the victims in a major Bronx apartment fire.
Cardi B gives money regularly and spends her time working with causes she is passionate about.
She may be worth a cool $30 million and native New Yorker, but Cardi B is smart with her money and even she won't pay NYC rent. Well, she could but she won't.
Instead of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Cardi B and Offset have opted to live in New Jersey instead, for the lower cost of living.
Cardi B was reportedly renting an Edgewater apartment for $3,000 a month because one in Manhattan for the same size would cost twice as much. Her spending habits and choice to live in New Jersey shows that she is a bit humble.
She and Offset have upgraded from this apartment and bought a mansion together that is also in New Jersey.
Records show that she bought the home for $5.85 million, and it features 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. That's a far lower price than a super expensive home other celebs with a similar net worth to hers would buy.
Her new home is very close to Washington Heights where she was born and where her family still lives. Cardi B can raise her kids with her wealth while keeping them close to their families. It's important for Cardi B to not forget where she came from.
Cardi B and Offset do own a few more homes in other cities but this New Jersey mansion appears to be their main residence and where they will primarily raise their kids.
As a millionaire mom, Cardi B's two children will be raised in a whole different world she was raised in. Cardi knows this and has already said she will be mindful of how her kids are brought up.
She knows her kids will be privileged, raised in a mansion, and get lots of expensive toys and clothes, but Cardi B plans on her kids being "humble." She plans on doing this by taking them to where she grew up regularly and having them visit their cousin and grandmother's home.
Her kids are still very young and don't yet know what their mom does for a living. They also don't yet know that they have more money than most families, but one day they will and Cardi B doesn't want them bragging about what they have. She also hopes to raise them to be generous.
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