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Complex– Cardi B is seen in a resurfaced video sharing her thoughts on country music’s ongoing streaming boom, a topic that’s received renewed attention as we draw closer to the end of the year.
In a months-old Instagram video, Cardi pointed to country’s current charts dominance, revealing that she initially had questions about its uptick on platforms including Apple Music earlier this year.
“It’s not even hip-hop anymore like it was a couple years ago, like two years ago, one year ago,” Cardi said in the video that’s been making the rounds again in recent days. “Right now it’s country music. And I’m like, ‘Yo.’ I ask somebody, ‘How the fuck is country music getting so big?’ Like, it’s taking over Apple Music, and Apple Music is the biggest streaming platform for hip-hop.”
As for the country-focused clip, Cardi goes on to say that an unnamed person theorized to her that country’s current boom was linked to middle America, where “people used to buy CDs.” Those same people, Cardi said, have now made the switch to streaming.
Shhhh, nobody tell Cardi that Country Music has been running shit for a long, long time already. Let’s humor her and act like the end-all-be-all of music is Spotify and Apple music streaming charts, and not being able to pack in 900,000 to Central Park for a concert
There’s no rapper alive who could do that today, or ever.
But I’ll blog ignoring that fact and act like we’re living in the vacuum she’s in.
Hey Cardi, you wanna know why country music is taking over? I’ll make it simple for you. 
It has nothing to do with middle America. Middle America is the reason rap music turned into the behemoth that it did in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was a fucking incredible time for the genre, and the masses ate it up accordingly. Because that’s what the masses do. They eat up things that are good. 
The reason they’re eating up country music today is the same reason. The country music snobs who don’t like anything you’ll hear in Nashville or on country radio will tell you you’re a moron for thinking this, but country music has crossed over into the mainstream by skipping back and forth over the line of popular music and even rock. The songs are fun, the hooks are catchy, and if they’re not, they’re sad and very relatable. 
The alternative is this kind of garbage that rap’s big names are putting out today – 

Compared to the stuff when rap music ruled the world –
It’s night and day and it’s not even a debate. 
As much as you might hate Cardi B’s music, you have to admit that her doing it country makes it stomachable.
(Sidebar- if you never heard Chance the Rapper doing Nelly’s “Hot In Here” slowed down, country version, it’s great)
Short answer Cardi, get back to making fun, danceable music, that people can understand the words to, and stop gearing everything towards tik tok, memes, and appearing cool to other rappers in hopes of boosting street cred and rap will rule the world again.

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