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Cardi B has a dream car collection with no license.
Cardi B knows how to use social media to showcase her talent and build her fan base. She grew her popularity on Vine and Instagram. She currently has 100 million followers on Instagram. On TikTok, Cardi has over 10 million followers. She racks up over 35 million listeners on Spotify monthly. On YouTube, she has garnered over 6 billion streams. This woman has cracked the social media code.
Despite recent legal woes, her net worth is nearly $40 million.
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Cardi B loves to collect expensive and exotic cars. Her car collection is not entirely fascinating because Cardi B is not alone in her love for cars. Plenty of people gather and celebrate cars. Not a big deal, right? Well, Cardi B stands apart from many car collectors because she does not have a driver's license. That's right! Despite owning some of the most expensive cars, Cardi B can not drive.
This is a fact that she laments. Cardi B appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. For the uninitiated in the entertainment stylings of James Corden, the British comedian hosted a TV series where celebrities talk about the topic du jour and sing karaoke while driving around with Corden. Corden features an expensive car of his own driving, a Range Rover.
During this show, Cardi B revealed she does not possess a driver's license or the skill set necessary to operate a vehicle.
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Among the swanky rides in Cardi Lists in her collection is a Bentley Bentayga whose 2023 model is priced at $167,000.
Another car she lists is the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster which price starts around $501,000. This car is ridiculously fast. It has a V12 engine and reaches speeds up to 350 km/h. It is somewhat amazing that a person who can not and will not ever drive owns a top tier sports car of this caliber.
Cardi B also sings about her Lamborghini Ursus, a Lamborghini SUV, another very fast, super sporty car Cardi B can not drive. The Ursus's price starts around $240,000. She sings about it a car titled "Bickenhead."
She also mentions a Mercedes-Maybach S-class and a Chevrolet Suburban. Both are more pricey cars Cardi B can afford and can not drive.
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Although Cardi B has recently engaged in some heated exchanges with fans online regarding her releasing new music, she is concerned that her work is authentic. The reason that she decided to purchase all of these cars is because she does not want to be poser.
There are many social media users that pose in front of luxurious items such as mansions, imported cards, wild animals, and the interior of private jets to give the facade that they are wealthy. Some celebrities have been accused of faking followers on social media.
The comments on the embedded video reflect that fans are indeed happy with the new music! The track is something that her fans are clearly satisfied with.
"This is a fire a@!$$ collab right here, all 3 of them never disappoint, Cardi needs to drop that new album, the streets are fiendin!!!"
Another fan was pleased with the song, but still expressed concern about Cardi's mental health.
"A lengthy social media hiatus is also a suggestion. I love this song very much. It's so catchy. This is what Cardi is supposed to do; make good music that we can jam to and stay away from all the nonsense on social media. That would be good not only for her career, but also for her mental health and well-being."
That is not Cardi's only hope inspired by the song. Cardi wishes that the world could meet the Kanye West she worked with. Cardi B eludes that Kanye West was entirely different when they worked together. Cardi B says west was sweet and caring. West has fallen in tons of hot water. West recently uttered fountains of racist and Anti-Semitic remarks which will not be repeated here.
It's possible that West was in a better frame of mind.
Cardi B asserts that Kanye's West's verse is personal. She believes that it was inspired by the multiple beefs with celebrities like Pete Davidson and Trevor Noah. The recent break-up with Kim Kardashian and his budding relationship with Julia Fox.
Cardi B asserts that she met the real "Ye". Her statements naturally beg the question "Who is the real Kanye West?" Perhaps it is her own kind heart, Cardi paid for the funeral expenses of 17 Bronx residents, that prevents her from accepting that both versions of Kanye West are the real West.
Nevertheless, Cardi reports to the LA Times, that there is a new album under construction. This is good news for all Cardi B fans!

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Andrea was born in Nashville, TN. She returned to the USA after living for six years in Japan as an ESL teacher. Her favorite activity is watching films and then telling herself it improves her own screenwriting.



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