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If you are famous, throw your privacy out of the window. Even the most subtle elements of your life are blown out of proportion by tabloids. However, despite the constant provocation from the paparazzi, some famous personalities have kept their lives private. For instance, did you know that there are several celebrities with hand deformities that you didn't know? Of course, no one hails such anomalies, which is why they are not out there. But still, you will be perplexed to know that your favourite celebrity probably has one. So, how many famous personalities make this list?
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Celebrities are held to a standard and considered the epitome of perfection. However, despite their beauty, impeccable talent and impressive charisma, they are just as regular as everyone else.
Whether it is an extra finger, webbed toes, or n*pple, you might be surprised at how many of your loved famous personalities have deformities. So, how many celebrities have hand deformities?
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They are perfect on TV. After all, it is hard to discern the difference between the person and the character considering the visual effects intended to make the actor fit the role. However, you must always keep in mind that there is always something out-of-the-ordinary with your beloved celebrity, just like you. And it might be a physical deformity.
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Many celebrities boast unusual physical features like Denzel Washington’s hand deformity or Megan Fox's finger issue. Who else has a physical deformity that people hardly know about?
Denzel isn’t one of the celebrities with a clubbed thumb but has another fascinating deformity. The American actor, director and producer has a crooked pinky finger. So, how did he get the crooked pinky finger?
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During his interview with The Graham Norton Show, the celebrated and immensely talented actor with multiple awards opened up about his finger injury. Denzel stated that he injured his finger during American football practice and had it rebuilt.
Even though Denzel Washington's finger was corrected years ago, it never set correctly, and it is bent at the bottom knuckle a full 45 degrees outwards from his other finger. And as his children often joked about it when they were young. The actor refers to it as his magic finger.
Does Megan Fox have an extra finger? She doesn't have an extra finger, but the celebrity has unusual thumbs. Many publications have compared her unique thumbs to toes and referred to them as toe thumbs.
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People didn’t notice this trait until 2009 when it became a hot news item in the tabloids when a photo revealed the minor physical deformity – a stubby thumb with broad nails.
Megan Fox's situation is relatively rare but is still something that some people experience. It is referred to as brachydactyly (type D BDD), found in 1 out of 1000 people. In this case, the thumb appears a bit flattened and hence shorter. The hand deformity often comes down in the family.
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The good thing is that despite Megan Fox's toe thumb, she was still voted in 2008 the sexiest woman in the world. So, don't let any of your deformities deter you from going for the ultimate price.
Gemma Arterton isn’t among brachydactyly celebrities but has another common hand deformity. The English actress and producer famous for her stage debut in Shakespeare's Love's Labour’s Lost at the Glove Theatre (2007) was born with six fingers on each hand.
Gemma has been quite open about her hand deformity and has become one of the most famous people with six fingers worldwide, considering her celebrity status. She broke the news to the world in an interview with Esquire Magazine in 2008.
She underwent an operation when she was a child to have the extra fingers removed, but she still left bumpy scars. These scars serve as a constant reminder of her extra limbs. Gemma's condition of having extra fingers is referred to as polydactyly.
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Another exciting thing about Gemma Arterton is that she was born with a crumpled ear that had to be corrected with surgery. The good thing about her is that she is proud of her deformities and doesn't avoid talking about them openly.
Jeremy Renner is a famous American actor. He joins the list of celebrities with hand deformities with his unique anomaly of having pulverized and giant fingernails.
Jeremy's clubbing on his finger and toenails are noticeably more extensive than most people's. And that is why he is one of the most renowned celebrities with nail clubbing.
Matthew Perry is one of the most famous celebrities with missing fingers. People have always wondered how Matthew Perry ended up with a short middle finger, which is quite outspoken in his photos. So, how did it happen?
Matthew had an accident when he was three years old when he shut a door on his hand. The most exciting thing is that fans hardly noticed his physical deformity. Even people who have been watching Friends continuously hardly noticed the missing tip of his middle finger. Perry’s middle finger is the same length as his pointer finger.
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The great thing about the actor is that his minor hand deformity never stopped him from embarking on his acting and modelling career. And it was a successful endeavour considering his massive achievement so far.
Did you know that Taye Diggs was born with 12 fingers? The professional actor was born with the condition referred to as polydactyly, characterized by having an extra finger on each hand. However, he had the extra fingers removed at a young age because his parents were worried that other children would make fun of him.
It is hard unseeing Vince Vaughn’s missing thumb tip. He has stared in numerous movies and television series, including Hacksaw Ridge, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Detective, etc. So, how did the actor and producer get the deformity, and when did it happen?
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Vince lost the tip of his thumb when he was 17 in a car accident. However, the missing part doesn't seem to bother him as he often jokes about it. Vince refers to it as a p*nis with a fingernail.
Daryl Hannah joins the collection of celebrities with missing fingers. She doesn’t have the tip of her left index finger, which she lost when she was three years old. Daryl got the finger stuck in a pulley at her grandmother’s house.
You probably didn't know that Sam Rockwell damaged his hand in a car accident. The car crash crashed his fingers, and he had to have them reconstructed. Unfortunately, despite the reconstruction, they still don't look that well.
Rahm Emmanuel has a decorated career. He is a renowned politician and diplomat that served as the United States American ambassador to Japan and was the 23rd White House Chief of Staff (2009 to 2010). However, did you know that Rahm has an amputated middle finger?
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He injured the tip of his right middle finger during a beef slicing incident at Arby's when he has 17. Rahm later got infected after swimming in the lake, and he had no option but to get it amputated in surgery.
Even worse, Rahm developed a bone infection during treatment and had to be carefully monitored at the intensive care unit at one point. He told the story during an interview with Katie Couric for 60 Minutes.
The Ying Yang twins, D-Roc and Kaine, are indeed identical. However, they were both born with deformities. D-Roc's left hand never fully developed in his mother's womb, and he was born with nubs instead of fingers in his left hand. On the other hand, his brother, Kaine, has cerebral palsy that causes him to limp.
Did you know that Sanaa Lathan has clubbed thumbs? Of course, it is hard to believe that the beautiful actress possesses any physical imperfections, but she has brachydactylic. The genetic condition is characterized by short, bulbous thumbs and wide nail beds. Megan Fox has a similar physical deformity.
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The American actor, Gary Burghoff, renowned for originating the role of Charlie Brown in the 1967 Off-Broadway musical, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, has a deformed hand. He was born with short fingers making him one of the few celebrities with small hands.
Gary's condition causes short fingers and toes, forming via dysostosis. However, the primary cause of the state was Poland syndrome. As a result, the three fingers on his left hand (the middle three) are shorter than his right hand, making his hands appear small.
The actor would often hide his hands during production. Instead, he would hold a clipboard or hide it under the table. Nonetheless, his condition has not limited him from attaining stardom in the entertainment industry.
What happened to DJ Paul's arm? Everyone has been wondering about it, considering the significant difference in his limbs. DJ Paul is one-half of the group Three 6 Mafia, and he is also a producer, entrepreneur, and solo performer.
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DJ Paul was born with his physical deformity, and it did not come about from any accident. The rapper’s right arm is deformed because of Erb’s palsy, and he often covers it in a cast.
Tom Hardy is a great actor thanks to his outstanding productions that have won him various awards. However, did you know that he has a permanently curled finger?
When he was young, Tom Hardy was quite stubborn as he was arrested for many things, including gun possession, and he almost lost his life to drug addiction. During this time, he got his hand deformity.
During a chopping board accident, he chopped his little finger on his right hand, severing a tendon. The injury required three operations that left his finger deformed for life.
Jonah Hill is one of Hollywood's funnymen. However, did you know that he has a scar on his right arm? It looks like a deep burn resulting from a teenage misadventure. Jonah got his arm injured when he stuck it out of the window while his friend was driving the car.
His arm was supposed to be amputated, but doctors chose another direction and thanks to that decision, he still has his arm today.
Martin Sheen has a short-left arm. The physical deformity is so subtle that you will hardly notice it. Martin got the condition during birth when his left arm was crushed with forceps.
The above celebrities with hand deformities show that even though they are seen as perfect, they are ordinary folk, like everyone else. The great thing about these celebrities is that most of them have accepted their deformities and are not shy about sharing them with the world. They have helped eliminate the stigma surrounding physical deformities.
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