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Who else has Taylor Swift dated before she dated Travis Kelce?
Before Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift dated a number of famous men who in many senses helped her write many of the songs from her greatest hit list. We will go through the most famous and most important ex boyfriends that she started dating all the way back in 2008. At the time, Swift was only 18 years old and she has gone a long way since then. We will go in chronological order from the first man she dated when she was of age until the msot recent before she started dating the Kansas City Chiefs‘ tight end.
Back when The Jonas Brothers were at the peak of their powers and still a boyband, Joe Jonas was the very first serious boyfriend Taylor Swift ever had. Their eventual breakup was the reason Taylor Swift wrote her hit songs, ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Forever and Always‘. Famously, Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift through a nowinfamous 27-second phone call.
A short-lived romance between the popstar and the ‘Twilight‘ saga werewolf, which ended with her breaking up with him. As a result, she wrote the famous apology song ‘Back to December‘. Since breaking up, Taylor and Taylor have remained friends ever since, with the actor now married to another woman named Taylor. Talk about loving your own name so much that you want to marry it.
Perhaps the most controversial of all the relationships Taylor Swift ever had, was with singer/songwriter John Mayer. When she started dating him, she was 19 and he was 32 years old. She did write a heart breaking song about their break up called, ‘Dear John’. Over the following years, they took shots at each other through their songs despite their brief romance.
Although they only dated for a few months, Taylor Swift fans believe many songs from her ‘Red’ album were inspired by Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor has never publicly admitted to have dated the popstar but there is evidence that they at least spend a Thanksgiving together.
Despite their denial to have ever dated, multiple TV hosts insisted they did and the subject was constantly brought up during interviews.
Taylor Swift’s song ‘Begin Again’ seems to have been the inspiration of her romance with Conor Kennedy, whom she dated in 2012. Despite not dating for too long, Taylor Swift got her connection to the Kennedy family by dating Conor. Swift was criticized for dating Conor when he was 18 and she was 23 years old.
The two popstars collided during that time, which became a high profile romance that managed to get the attention of all their fans around the world. With many highs and lows, their relationship timeline started in late 2012 and continued for almost a year. Both sides penned multiple songs ater their breakup, with Swift’s ‘I Knew you Were Trouble’, ‘Out of the Woods’ and Harry Styles‘ ‘Perfect’ from One Direction.
Swift decided to start dating a DJ, the famous Calvin Harris dated Swift for 15 months and got some of the biggest hit songs from the popstar. Her famous ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ hit song was believed to be about the DJ. During their relationship, Swift wrote ‘I Did something Bad’, ‘Getaway Car’, ‘I Forgot You Existed’, ‘Bajeweled’, and ‘High Fidelity’.
The ‘Loki’ star did date Taylor Swift in 2016 for a brief period of time but they didn’t last for too long due to the constant media attention. It lasted less than 3 months and Swift never wrote a song about him. That got her ready for her most long-lasting relationship.
The popstar lasted nearly six years with the actor, he was her most long-lasting relationship. She always did her best in order to keep her relationship with Alwyn as private as possible. It ended in April 2023 but it certainly was the closest she ever got to actually thinking about marriage. The reason for theri break up is still debatable but her song ‘You are Losing Me’ does talk about their plans no longer aligning with each other. Now, Taylor is dating Travis and they seem very happy with each other.
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