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Lady Gaga delivered a wholehearted performance in House of Gucci, building upon her Oscar-nominated breakthrough in A Star Is Born in 2018.

Lady Gaga completely embraced her role as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, diving headfirst into the character both on and off the screen. The renowned artist opened up about the process of discovering the essence of a killer. However, she couldn’t make sense of her character’s motives.
Lady Gaga delivered a wholehearted performance, building upon her Oscar-nominated breakthrough in A Star Is Born in 2018. It has already secured her nominations for best actress at the Bafta, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe awards.
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During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Lady Gaga provided a description of the character, emphasizing her authenticity as a real woman. This portrayal is not confined to a fictional role but embodies a living person who served lengthy prison sentences. Furthermore, she expressed the deep love Patrizia Reggiani had for Maurizio Gucci. Interestingly, their marriage took place at a time when Maurizio lacked both money and employment, resulting in his family distancing themselves from him due to his choice of spouse.
Gaga told Stephen Colbert:
“Well, first of all, I would describe her as real. She’s a real woman. So this is not just a character. This is somebody who is still alive today, and she served decades in prison. And she was very in love with Maurizio Gucci. And something that people don’t know is that when they got married, he didn’t have money or a job. His whole family turned his back on him because he married her.”
Speaking about her character to director Ridley Scott, Gaga asked whether he believes if Patrizia Reggiani actually loved Gucci. She asked him, “Hey, do you think she ever loved him.” Gaga asserted that she asked this question after reading the script multiple times; however, she did not do much research at the time.
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Patrizia Reggiani, the woman who orchestrated her ex-husband’s murder, was released from prison in 2016, after serving an 18-year sentence. Interestingly, Lady Gaga chose not to meet the real Patrizia for a very particular reason.
Gaga was concerned that Patrizia might use “House of Gucci” as a platform to romanticize her past actions. The singer wanted to ensure that the movie didn’t give the impression of glorifying violence and bloodshed in any way. It’s a testament to her principled approach.
There were whispers that Gaga remained in the character of Patrizia Reggiani for an extensive period exceeding nine months! The singer-actor revealed that her commitment to the role grew so intense that it started to take a toll on her as she delved deeper into the character of the murderer. It’s a vivid illustration of how method acting can have both its benefits and challenges.
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