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When you combine the two together, there really is no stopping them.
Cardi B and Migos member, Offset, are amongst two of the most talked-about rappers in the music industry today, so it’s only fitting that the two would find love amongst each other. Despite the ups and downs both Cardi and Offset have had throughout their relationship, the two have continued to have nothing but love and respect for one another and for the sake of their baby girl, Kulture.
If there is one thing that has been made certain is the fact that Cardi B and Offset both love themselves some expensive items! The two are notorious for gifting one another luxury massive mansions, cars, cash gifts of up to $500,000 and loads of designer goods and apparel. While that kind of lifestyle takes a lot of money to keep up with, they are certainly racking up millions annually.
From both of their stellar music career, endorsements, deals and sponsorships, there is no denying just how wealthy both Cardi B and Offset are, however, when you combine the two together, there really is no stopping them. Here is everything we know about the two’s combined net worth.
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Both Cardi B and Offset are still somewhat new to the industry, particularly Cardi B. Offset rose to fame back in 2013 when he and Quavo released “Versace” as part of the group, Migos. Although they formed back in 2008, they didn’t breakthrough until 2013. Much like Offset, Cardi B had also been in the game for quite a while, having made music for years and appeared on season 6 of “Love & Hip Hop”, it wasn’t until 2017 that she breakout as a star.
Cardi released “Bodak Yellow”, which completely took the charts by storm and skyrocketed her to international fame and success. After the release of her first album, “Invasion Of Privacy”, Cardi was a true force to be reckoned with and her career would only continue to rise. The rapper was then compared to Nicki Minaj, which didn’t sit well with the “Anaconda” rapper.
Considering they are both successful artists in the music industry, it’s no surprise that they enjoy spending their millions on just about everything from luxury cars, despite Cardi B not even owning a driver’s license, homes, designer goods and lavish parties that they always share to their Instagram Stories that certainly make us all feel a little jealous.
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While both Cardi and Offset are both talented in their own right, Offset has been working in the music industry a little bit longer than Cardi has, however, it appears as if Cardi B beats him by nearly double when it comes to their net worths.
According to Cheat Sheet, Offset is currently worth a whopping $16 million, which he has earned primarily from being one of the lead members of the rap group, Migos. The duo has released hit after hit, so we aren’t in the slightest bit surprised that his net worth continues to rise.
As for Cardi B, for someone whose been in the game for less than 4 years, she’s done quite well for herself. The rapper is currently worth $24 million, which shows just how hard she’s worked over the course of her career. Considering just how early Cardi is on her career, that number is expected to only go up from here on out. While Cardi B may be worth more than Offset, the two share a combined net worth of $40 million, which is definitely necessary for their lifestyle.
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In addition to needing lots of money to keep up with their luxurious lifestyle, Cardi B and Offset also spend the big bucks on their daughter, Kulture. When it comes to dressing up Kulture, Cardi B doesn’t go the simple and understated route, she goes all out.
Whether they’re matching in Burberry, Gucci or Givenchy, Cardi B ensured that Kulture is always looking her best, and when your parents are worth a collective $40 million, then its only fitting that you look like you’re living your best life, and Kulture is doing just that. In addition to looking great, Cardi and Offset also throw Kulture major birthday bashes, despite not even had turned 2 years old yet.
If they are not spending millions on themselves, then you know they are dishing out the big bucks on their only child. If there is one thing we know for sure, is that Kulture is certainly living her best life and is growing up in undeniable luxury. It’s only up from here for Cardi and Offset and if their current careers are any indication as to how wealthy they will be years from now, then they better make room in the bank.
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